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On Jan 31, 2018, Nickoli Sharpe wrote:
Not arguing just making a observation.

What you observed was me turning my back to the "camera" ... not the "audience". At the point you claim my back is turned, I am looking at the person on my far right directly in the eye (always). Why always??

On Jan 31, 2018, Endless West wrote:
JoeJoe has been working that pitch forever, obviously it works for him or he wouldn't keep doing it.

At that point in the routine, I am displaying the ball to everyone in the circle - from my far right, to my far left. Eye contact. Pause, delay, suspense. You are looking at my pouch, everyone else is looking at the ball I am "breaking the ceiling" with. The lemon doesn't exist in their minds. Watch my lecture, learn something. Smile

And it doesn't have anything to do what-so-ever with the sequences I am referencing in this thread. Let me explain it like this, the first cups and balls I had were three different colored plastic cups and I was taught if you stack two cups and put the ball on top, when you put the cups back down the ball will be on the cup in the right.

Well one day I realized I could put that cup down in the center, and nobody would notice. Or, I could put it down on the right ... or even the left. If I didn't have two cups stacked, I could just put the cup with the ball on the right anyway and again nobody would notice.

Then I realized I could "clip" a ball as I picked up the cup and it would be empty. I could set the cup down again and it would have a ball. I got good at clipping, and I could put a cup on top of two balls and clip only one of them, or clip both of them even.

Suddenly the routine didn't matter ... I could put balls where ever I wanted at will on demand. I then came up with three different ways to get all three balls under the center cup. I then came up with three different ways to get them back. That was when I realized I could film myself doing this, and not know which way I did it when I watched it back. It became a lot of fun at that point, sometimes I didn't want people to stop and watch because I'd be so into it myself I wouldn't want to stop and do the "routine".

Hopefully that will explain it better. "free style" I call it, just having fun moving balls around with my mind. Smile

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Nickoli Sharpe
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Wonderful sounds like you have it all thought out.

Thank you for taking the time to show me how it’s done.

All the best Joe Joe,
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Why do so many magicians have egos the size of the state of Texas? There is absolutely no need to bust the balls of everyone else and think your way is the only way?

This is why I do not like most magicians.

Joe Joe seems like a guy I'd hang out with, talk to and be a friend. Some other folks who have posted here come across sounding like they are better than everyone else. Who would want to hang out and be friends with someone who comes across like a social-path?

Seriously, when people start name dropping and coming across like they are the $hit, I'm pretty sure that person is just trying to stroke themselves because they have some kind of insecurity or self-esteem issues. Chill out and be a little more friendly.
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I have said for years that I think JoeJoe should go on the lecture circuit. He has so much knowledge. He can tell you what area to busk, to pick up the most traffic, he can tell you ideas of what to wear to keep cool, the height of a table and why, and on and on.... he has created some of the best IT utilities in the world, and after all that, he is a genuine great guy!
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I do Kozmos for me
Endless West
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Sorry Koz, he said does anyone NOT do Gazzo!
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I've been doing a 2 cup routine for years that incorporates aspects of many routines. Up until recently I had been ending with 3 loads from the pocket. While that worked it was always a pain ensuring the pockets were just right for the routine. So I bit the bullet got a Gazzo pouch and use it to the fullest with great aplomb. The big 'BUT' is that while the C/B is probably my favorite piece of magic I don't perform it each and every show - it has to the be the right crowd and situation. The C/B isn't simply a quick trick but an entire mini act unto itself...will say this, the melon coming out of the hat plays big.
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I very recently watched a Cup and Ball routine on Youtube that was heavily influenced by Gazzo.

I thought it was quite well done, and so did the audience by the applause and laughter.

HOWEVER....the comments below by obvious other performers/magicians got quite vicious. Calling him everything from a clone, to having no imagination, a thief, and things I can't write here. Comments were soon disabled by the owner and now the clip is private.

The thing is, the performer is an acquantance of Gazzo, and kept some things the same but changed others. He himself has been doing the routine for a good 2 decades.

Why I am writing this, is that there seems to be a real distaste for anyone seen doing Gazzo's routine.


Realistically it s probably one of the best and greatest routines a Street Performer can do. Period. And I have never met a magician that doesn't take or use other peoples material to some degree.

Rant over Smile
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Sorry if any one is offended by what I said.

Nobody is "offended", we are just pointing out there is more to a final load than what you see on camera. Smile

In all fairness, Gazzo gets flack from magicians that he puts the entire cup in his pouch and he doesn't care either. We have both done this long enough to know that what an audience sees is not the same as what a magician sees.

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What magicians do not see is how many people are around him. How he holds interrests. See that is the real magic.

Magicians only wants to see tricks. Most are not interested in presentations. That is hard work.
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Who’s Gazzo?
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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