The Magic Cafe - A message board for magicians!
Cafe Etiquette
Like all public meeting places, we here at The Magic Cafe have a few rules we ask you to
follow while participating in our magic community.

The rules here are very simple, and not at all unreasonable. In fact, you may find us to be
much more lenient than many forums on the internet.

However, like a real cafe, we do expect you to act like ladies and gentlemen and show
good manners and courtesy while visiting. Thank you.
The Magic Cafe caters to magicians of all ages. Posts which use profanity
will be deleted. No exceptions.
Relevant Topics
We ask that you try and keep the discussion relevant to the subject matter.
Example: A thread discussing coin vanishes, but posted in the card section.
Should this occur, a moderator will move the thread to the proper area.

Staying on topic is a must here at the Cafe. Personal attacks or insulting opinions and
statements regarding other posters can not and will not be tolerated.

If you have a problem following the rules here, please exit stage left, thank you very
much. There are other magic boards on the net that allow such childish behavior, and I
suggest you pay them a visit at your earliest convenience.
Exposure & Passwords
Please do not ask for secrets to the workings of tricks and effects. Buy the trick, book or
DVD like everyone else. If you need help with a trick, email or private message the
individual. Please remember that the blatant exposure of magic secrets is seriously
prohibited in the public area.

We do, however, have a special section called "The Banquet Room". It is here that you may
openly discuss secrets. Admission to this special area is granted after you have made 50
legitimate posts.

Please do not ask anyone here for "Passwords" to other magic sites, or for answers to
questions those sites may be asking for entrance.
Pirated Tapes & Tricks
Posts dealing in the buying, selling, or trading of bootleg items will be removed.
Advertising Policy
We realize that many of our members are professional magicians who often create new
effects, publish new works, etc. Our feeling is that members who post on a regular basis are
more than welcome to let us know of their newest creations, as long as they announce such
in the proper area.

If, however, you register and then post a blatant ad and leave, you can be sure that your
post will be removed. We think this is a fair policy.
Cafe Access & Membership
Membership to The Magic Cafe is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to refuse membership
and or access to The Magic Cafe forums to anyone, and at any time with no reason given.
Please realize that the above rules are not up for debate or discussion. Thank you.