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Topic: Submission Information...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 16, 2002 05:25AM)
Creators, manufacturer's, publishers and distributors are welcome to submit items to be considered for review. Submission of an item does not guarantee that said item will be reviewed. If I feel the item is poorly put together (e.g, Not professionally packaged, bad instructions, etc) you may not see a review written.

Basically, I would rather not write about a product that is essentially junk, I'll let the magazines do that. Even a negative review is still giving attention to the product in question, and I would rather ignore such offerings. In addition, if the product submitted is a [i]knock-off[/i] or [i]copy[/i] of an existing item, a review may or may not be written, so do us all a favor and don't send me your garbage. If your company is well known for producing knock-offs, you can bet that the package will go from my mailbox to the trash bin and I won't feel the least bit guilty about it - you have been warned.

That said, depending on my schedule and having the time to actually try the trick or effect out, I will try and make an honest effort to write a review, even if only a small one. [i]NOTE:[/i] Unless prior arrangements have been made, items submitted for review consideration will not be returned.

Finally, please include as much information with the item as possible, including availability, price, return policy, etc.

[i]Send all items to:[/i]

[b]Reviews c/o Steve Brooks Magic[/b]
[b]P.O.Box 3255
Chico, Ca. 95927