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Topic: Rex the K9 Mentalist
Message: Posted by: kcalB (Jan 23, 2005 08:12PM)
A friend sent this to me today, I hope you get a laugh from it.

Message: Posted by: ravi (Jan 24, 2005 03:58AM)

so much truth in it!

Message: Posted by: darkseance (Jan 24, 2005 04:03AM)


Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Jan 24, 2005 06:11AM)
Good chuckle............:0)
Message: Posted by: SpAgHeTtI (Jan 24, 2005 06:40AM)
I think he uses a stooge......moreover look at his hands!He can see.... :)
Message: Posted by: Nir Dahan (Jan 24, 2005 11:15AM)
You can do the same with real male spectators and replace the word food with sex...
Message: Posted by: RickSilmser (Jan 24, 2005 08:22PM)
Mr. Black, a pal of mine sent that to me a few days ago...too funny ! It'll never beat your "McMentalist" though...not by a long shot.

Message: Posted by: Pharaoh Nuff (Jan 25, 2005 03:40AM)
I went to a 'Psychic' yesterday.
As I gave her the 10 quid she said,''you can ask me 2 questions only!''
I said, ''that's a bit expensive isn't it ? ''
She said,''yes, I suppose it is ! You have one more question ! '' :smiletear: