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Topic: Spirit key ....any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: snap (Jan 24, 2005 06:37PM)
I don't know where to post this, so I suppose that this is as good a place as any. I just recieved the spirit key, but when I did it, it was fairly obvious that I was moving my hand. are there any little tricks you guys have found the hides this fact even a little? any help would be appreciated. thanx!!
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jan 24, 2005 07:07PM)
Uhhh, don't move your hand so much??

Seriously, you really don't have to move much at all. If it's visible, it's too much.

Balance the key where it almost flips on it's own, and without moving anything, just *think* it over. With some practice you're "psychomotor reflexes" will take over and the key will move, seemingly on it's own.

Read Richard Osterlind's ebooks for more.
Message: Posted by: tabman (Jan 24, 2005 09:17PM)

Dave VanVranken revealed: Uhhh, don't move your hand so much??


Great!!! Answer of the week!!!!

The rest of it was good information too but the above part of the quote really got to me!!!

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 24, 2005 11:22PM)
Let me add this to Dave's post. Once you have figured out the correct position for your hand, muscle memory will do the rest. You will be able to get your hand into the correct position before putting the key in place.
Message: Posted by: Riley (Jan 25, 2005 11:53AM)
Bill is right. Also, you will be able to place the key in just the correct spot (without appearing to search for it!) and be ready to go "straight away". There should be no visible movement of the hand. Once you've got it, you've got it forever :)

It's a great effect.
Message: Posted by: snap (Jan 26, 2005 08:48AM)
Thanx, guys, I finally got it, although my hand was cramping up by the end. I was focusing on tilting my hand, when I had to just position it right and put the key in the right place. thanx again!
Message: Posted by: Bob Johnston (Jan 27, 2005 07:25PM)
Here is a good simile.
If you place a coin in your hand, palm up, and wish to turn your hand palm down without using your fingers to go into a classic palm.

There is a “sweet spot” that is very hard to explain, but you know when you have it, even before you attempt turning over of your hand for the classic palm.

That is the same sort of “sweet spot” you will come to “remember” when you use the key.

Message: Posted by: snap (Jan 28, 2005 04:23PM)
Thanx, bob, I've been practicing for the last two days non-stop (it's regents week) and I see what you mean.
Message: Posted by: Richard Evans (Jan 29, 2005 05:38AM)
Did you get a key with the routine?

The only other thing you might consider is ditching the bright shiny new-looking key and getting a heavy old iron key in it's place (a bit of rust is good!). You'll easily find the sort of thing in a junk store or, as ever, on eBay.

A slightly heavier key will help a bit with the 'move', but that's not the only reason to change the key. The old key will give you more opportunities in your presentational story and it won't look like a prop. This will significantly strengthen the effect.

Message: Posted by: snap (Jan 29, 2005 10:12AM)
That's a really good idea, taliesin, I'll definately do that. at the moment I tell a story of a church haunted by the ghost of an old lady, this would be more believable with an old key. will it work as well if I use a different key?
Message: Posted by: Richard Evans (Jan 29, 2005 12:08PM)
Yes, the basic technique will work just as well with any key.

Have a look round a few junk shops or garage sales and you're bound to find something. You won't have to pay much more than a couple of dollars for something suitable.

You want a nice long key that looks old - but not too rusty (don't want to get your hands filthy every time you perform).
Message: Posted by: Riley (Jan 29, 2005 04:07PM)
I have altered quite a few old keys over the years. I always use an old key. The secret is to find one where the bow end is [i]slightly[/i] heavier than the bit end -- or, file away some of the bit to reach this state. Most of the "dealer" keys have too much metal removed, and the key looks fake. Use an old key -- much better! :)