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Topic: They Want Me to Wear What?!
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jan 26, 2005 06:07AM)
I received a call today from a western movie set/party ranch. The standard what type of shows etc conversation ensued. Well, nothing set in writing but since it is a western old frontier town, the owner said I would have to wear western wear including cowboy hat, vest and pants. He did mention thrift stores which was already on my mind:)

Anyone have this happen to them before an actual gig? He did mention everything was contingent on my abilities which goes without saying (not worried about that part).
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jan 28, 2005 11:39PM)
Are you getting a higher fee. if you go out and buy a costume/clothes for this party.
Message: Posted by: TommyTheTremendous (Feb 1, 2005 07:38AM)
I have all kinds of outfits just in case there is a special attire I need to wear for a show. I have been asked to dress as Harry Potter or some kind of wizard for a kid's birthday party and I have dressed up as a cowboy (boots, hat, and all) to perform at a ranch. The outfits aren't that expensive. The cowboy outfit is basically a tux with cowboy boots and a hat. The wizard outfit can be bought during Halloween (and usually a wizard performer is required during Halloween anyways) for $30 or less. I also did one show as Dracula. The whole costume cost $20 and then I added parts of my tux to it to make it look real.
Message: Posted by: Payne (Feb 1, 2005 03:57PM)
I get most of my gigs because I can attire myself to fit into the parties theme or period. I have a variety of outfits that cover a wide range of themes and time periods. Since I'm married to a costumer coming up with a suitable outfit is a lot easier for me to do than your average performer. A few years ago when I was asked by a bookstore to put together a short "Harry Potter" style performance for their book release event instead of going to the local costume shop and having to buy a cheap wizard costume I was simply able to go to my closet and pull out one.I'm suprised that with you living in San Antone that you do not already posses "cowboy duds". I thought everyone in the great state of Texas was required to own a set.
Message: Posted by: MagicalPirate (Feb 3, 2005 06:06PM)
Well Pardner not exactly. A lot of Texas growth has been from influx of outsiders, myself included. I do have an 1880's old west style outfit for my doc act does that count.

Martin :pirate:
Message: Posted by: scottasf (Mar 3, 2005 12:01AM)
For a theme, I would do a River Boat gambler attire. Or how someone would look for a traveling theator troup of those days?
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Mar 3, 2005 04:32PM)

I'm sending you a JPEG at your Yahoo address.

River Boat Gambler Rhett and clown. It was for something we did in October.

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Mar 5, 2005 09:59AM)
Try here for western vests:


Great material, good prices, excellent look..

Lee Darrow, C.H.