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Topic: Magic book?
Message: Posted by: snap (Jan 29, 2005 08:44AM)
I have absolutely no idea where to post this, so here I am. anyway, my friend father is going to write a book on a group of magicians. since he knows I'm a magician, he says he's going to "pick my brain" on "buzz words" (or words that only a magician would use), websites, and a few tricks that, he says, the general public already knows so he can expose. so, here's my problem, in any other hobby or profession, the "buzz words" would be perfectly fine to expose, but in magic, classic palm and double lift are almost like a magic trick, meaning that I don't feel right exposing them. secondly, what website am I supposed to give him, and what about a trick that "the general public" knows? I would really not expose any magic tricks to him. I don't want to lie to him, but I want a way around this whole thing. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanx!!
Message: Posted by: gpoe (Jan 31, 2005 10:14PM)
There was someone who wrote books with a magician as the main character quite some time ago. I can't remember who it was. William something.. or Goldston..? I'm sure someone can fill in the blank. I would refer him to those novels. They were popular. Anything he gets from those didn't come from you. I think they were written by a magician to get the feel across without exposing.