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Topic: Review on Roughing Stick
Message: Posted by: rayg1952 (Jan 29, 2005 05:39PM)
Iím going to rate it on a 1 to 10 scale 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, the roughing stick is a very light adhesive and its about size of a hand held eraser and it comes with a one page instruction and the instructions could have been better.

Pros: As to the roughing stick it self it will last you a very long time you can apply it to hundreds of cards or maybe close to a thousand, it goes on easy its odorless its not messy you only need to apply it to one side I apply it to the backs of the cards, the adhesive will come off with a damp cloth, what I really like about it is you can be sitting down watching TV and apply it to the cards you need a flat solid surface.

Cons: To expensive not worth $16.50 maybe 6 to $8.00, doesnít go on clear if you put it on the face of the card say like the 2 of diamonds it will leave a very light adhesive film on the face of the card thatís why I put it on the back of the cards you will not notice it. And it seems like it doesnít last as long as roughing spray or the matte finish spray.

If you do not want to lay the cards out on the table and then spray them or if you live in a place that's not well ventilated like apartment than you might consider buying one if not donít waste your money buy something else. Iím going to give this a 7 out 10 rating.
Message: Posted by: Derek Dean (Feb 2, 2005 03:35AM)
Thanks for the review, I was just looking at one of these, and the price is what kept me from getting it. Guess I'll just 'stick' with the old standby spray.
Message: Posted by: Joe Fortune (Feb 3, 2005 06:27PM)
Hi Ray,
Thanks for the review. I too bought one and although on the pricey side I think on balance it will rough more cards than the equivalent cost of spray. I have found with the spray that after a while the 'rough' wears off requiring re-spray. I only use spray for roughing specific cards for 'packet' type effects or to make an invisibly gimmicked card in a deck. If I need a roughed deck I tend to buy the manufactured ones as I have found these to be superior.

So for what it's worth so far I am delighted with the stick (I agree with your comment on the instruction sheet) and hope to give my cards some 'stick'.

All in all I would recommend it highly.

All the best from Ireland,

Message: Posted by: magiczak (Feb 4, 2005 12:00AM)
Where can you find this product?
Message: Posted by: Derek Dean (Feb 4, 2005 01:57AM)
Message: Posted by: magiczak (Feb 7, 2005 04:01PM)
Thanks Derek
Message: Posted by: blsorg (Mar 4, 2005 09:42PM)
A styptic pencil (for shaving cuts) works great as a roughing solution. Just wet and apply... let dry. Works well.
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Apr 3, 2005 04:06PM)
I've been using a roughing stick for about five years now (same one!). I can't rate it highly enough! Why people would bother with sprays after using one beats me!
Message: Posted by: sullivanl (Apr 27, 2005 08:07PM)
Good comment about the styptic pencil. I'll have to try that out!