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Topic: Did anyone ever spend their coin gimmicks on accident?
Message: Posted by: joeKing (Jan 30, 2005 12:56PM)
Just curious to see if anyone has accidently spent their coin gimmicks on accident.

Recently I (THINK) I spent my folding quarter gimmick because I can't find it.

Anyone else?
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jan 30, 2005 12:57PM)
There are probably hundreds of dime-and-penny gaffs lost in gumball machines, and likely many cig-through-quarters lost in parking meters. Thank goodness pay-phones don't seem to want half dollars anymore.
Message: Posted by: RS1963 (Jan 30, 2005 12:59PM)
I never have ( I don't use that many gaffed coins). But it does happen more often than you think. I have had casino workers bring me a folding coin or double sided coin and ask "Do you have any idea what this is? We found it in the hopper of a machine." So then it does happen.
Message: Posted by: benscholz99 (Jan 30, 2005 05:15PM)
I have probably spent some but haven't realized it. The most common would probably be the dime and penny or something of the sort.

Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jan 30, 2005 06:23PM)
Only once did I put a gim coin in a vending machine. It dropped to the return and I tried again. DuH!! Fortunately it was again returned and I realized my Duhhhh.
Now I keep them in a coin purse.
Message: Posted by: serge storms (Jan 30, 2005 06:35PM)
My wife recently put a couple of my double headed quarters into a machine which I found out about when I was looking for them, she mentioned taking them thinking they were just pocket change. Now I keep them in a small mint tin away from the other change.
Message: Posted by: BlackShadow (Jan 30, 2005 07:00PM)
Most modern vending machines weigh and size coins very accurately to detect fakes so a coin that had been "worked" is unlikely to get through if the weight or other specs have been slightly altered.

I've not spent a gaff but have once let go by mistake a regular coin which I'd specially cleaned and selected for practicing with. That's very sad because some of them I've had for ages and they're like old friends if you use them a lot.
Message: Posted by: ClouDsss (Jan 30, 2005 07:43PM)
I have never lost a gimmicked coin as most of them are american halves and my country doesn't use that currency :)

Message: Posted by: BlackShadow (Jan 30, 2005 07:46PM)
That is one good reason for using coins of a different country. Every cloud has a silver lining.
Message: Posted by: geemack (Jan 30, 2005 08:24PM)
I have not personally spent a gimmick coin, but I've heard a few stories. Many years ago a friend worked at a bank and told me about a teller who dropped a half dollar and it "broke apart into a whole lot of other coins".

At a bar where I worked the owner asked if I could get him a two-tailed quarter. I often used one to switch for a borrowed coin in a nest of boxes routine. I had it with me so I gave it to him. It was only three days later I asked if he had won any coin tosses with that quarter. He said he had already accidentally spent it.

I found an eBay ad several months ago for a two-headed quarter that the seller had apparently gotten as change from a soda machine. The opening price was way more than the price of a good quality new double header, so I sent a note to the seller with a little information about it. They lowered the opening bid and it sold.

I've heard a few magicians mention spending Cig-thru-Quarters in soda machines, but I think there was more humor than truth involved. Mostly these stories would have been years ago when the Johnson's was pretty much the only such coin available. It's already been mentioned how coin vending machines are pretty picky about weight, etc. The Johnson's typically have a lump of thick solder on the hinge and the flap is made of steel which is attracted to a magnet. It seems unlikely that a soda machine would accept it.

A magician pal had a Cig-thru-Quarter on top of his dresser. His sister swiped a handful of change for cigarettes. At $25 to replace it that was a pretty expensive pack of smokes.

Message: Posted by: Joe Mauro (Jan 30, 2005 08:41PM)
I spent my Roger Klause slow motion bill. It was a great gaff, but it was for the best. It made me ge the Eugene Burger one, which is superior as both bills are borrowed.
Message: Posted by: Magicmaven (Jan 30, 2005 09:04PM)
Bye bye "biting quarter" lol
Message: Posted by: tgroenjes (Jan 30, 2005 09:41PM)
Boy am I glad to hear that other people are as dumb as me! :) I too lost a dime and penny coin by spending it by mistake. I also spent a gaffed dollar that had $5 pips on one side. I realized it a day later, and also noticed that I got change for a pack of gum as $4 and some coins. So I guess they thought it was a $5 and not a $1 too! Oops!
Message: Posted by: GeorgeSantos (Jan 31, 2005 12:07AM)
I almost gave my [ away to a beggar. Luckily I it fell to the floor and the [ came of the coin it was on.
Message: Posted by: JHodgeCMI (Jan 31, 2005 12:48AM)
I was in San Antonio at a Grocery Store and was pulling some bills out of my pocket when the Mexican Centavo/K/half of my Sxxxxx and Sxxx goes rolling under the merchandise shelves. I'm down on the ground trying to reach under and get it, while my buddy is going 'dude' it's just 50 cents get up! Here's a dollar! Not like I could tell him...
Message: Posted by: TommyTheTremendous (Jan 31, 2005 01:09AM)
I haven't ever spent or lost any of my gimmmicked coins. I usually keep my folding coins in my rolled-up sleeves (they can't fall out because they are under the last and second to last tuck of the sleeve). As for my magnetic coins and shell coins, they have their own special cases.
Message: Posted by: implicit (Jan 31, 2005 01:21AM)
I have lost gimmicked coins in the past but I've never spent them :). Usually I try to keep my gimmicked coins in pouches to protect them so they don't get mixed in with my spending money and they are only out of the pouches when I'm performing.
Message: Posted by: Franz-O (Jan 31, 2005 06:14AM)
I managed to freak out a clerk at a register when I accidentally handed him a 1 dollar coin that folded in when he held it. stupid gaffs..lol =)
Message: Posted by: calexa (Jan 31, 2005 07:50AM)
I never spend gaffed coins.

Message: Posted by: Dean A (Jan 31, 2005 08:20AM)
I can't imagine how you could ever accidently spend a gaff. The notion is ridiculous.

Please keep them sepeate from real money in the future and have some pride in the large amounts of money you have spent on them.


On 2005-01-31 01:07, GeorgeSantos wrote:
I almost gave my [ away to a beggar. Luckily I it fell to the floor and the [ came of the coin it was on.

Did it dint?
Message: Posted by: the74rock (Jan 31, 2005 10:46AM)
I put my gimmick coins in another pocket
Message: Posted by: saturnin (Jan 31, 2005 11:15AM)
That is the only reason why I carry the coins I use for magic in a small coin purse.

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: ragtop (Jan 31, 2005 12:57PM)
Spending gaffs for gumballs.........in the words of Homer Simson....."Doh"!
Message: Posted by: tabman (Jan 31, 2005 02:35PM)
A number of years ago I stopped by the old coin vendors at the flea mkt down the road on Saturday to get a bag of cull walking liberty halves to use in an Okito Box routine I was learning. When I got home I started going through them looking for dupe dates and there was a locking $1.35 trick in the bag of 10. I had paid about $10 for the whole thing at the time. I'm sure it was a set made by Conrad Haden. It totally freaked me out when I found it as I was a collector of all things Haden at that time.

What are the odds of something like this ever happening???

But it's a true story.

Message: Posted by: David Eichler (Jan 31, 2005 02:46PM)
Wife spent my scotch and soda made by Lassen. Ouch.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Faust (Feb 1, 2005 12:54AM)
Although I've heard about many people who've spent their gimmicked coins, (right here in this posting, as well, of course), I've never done it myself. I would also say, with much certaintly, that's it's due to more than random luck. I am EXTREMELY and methodically careful to keep all of my gimmicks well away from all my spendable change. I mean I am careful to the point of having safeguards safeguarding safeguards. I am also most careful to NEVER have them anyplace out of place, where someone may pick one up and unknowinly spend it. Whenever I'm finished with them, they are returned to a locked suitcase to which only I have the key. However, I'm sure that if one was ever accidentally spent, it would still have to be someone living with me who somehow does it. Now that I think about this even more right now, I'm going to make sure everyone that may ever live with me knows exactly what's what and what not to even think about spending. Just the thought of someone spending one of my $60.00 coins on a candy bar or less makes me cringe right now! $60.00 is, of course, not even the worst of what my losses could be in a single spending.

Neurotically Careful,

Dr. Faust
Message: Posted by: TGENTLE (Feb 1, 2005 02:34AM)

I was in Vegas a few years ago and when I got back to the room, I emptied my pockets and noticed an famialiar dull thud instead of ty6pical coinage ringing and sure enough I found a Scotch and Soda amongst the coins.

Can't say for sure if I ever spent one myself, but it made up for one that found its way to thr nether regions.

Message: Posted by: Dean A (Feb 1, 2005 07:23AM)
On 2005-01-31 15:46, daeichler wrote:
Wife spent my scotch and soda made by Lassen. Ouch.

Admit it, you really spent it yourself.

I don't understand this thread. Why are you mistakingly spending coin gaffs. They are very expensive you should take more pride in them.

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Feb 2, 2005 12:59PM)
Well, mistakes happen. People aren't perfect.
I'm waiting to do it myself, I'm carrying around a steel core quarter right now, but it's in my [i]other[/i] pocket from my usual change. I'm trying to keep a close eye on it. I'd be a little ticked at myself if I blew it. The problem is, trying to keep the coins around for something impromptu, but preventing it from looking as though they're special coins by pulling them out of somewhere that you don't normally keep your coins. A coin purse is not gonna happen, that's for sure. Id' be laughed out of my office.
Message: Posted by: BlackShadow (Feb 2, 2005 01:14PM)
In the UK now all 2p and 1p are now steel (copper plated). Who needs magnetic gaffs anymore!
Message: Posted by: tabman (Feb 2, 2005 02:44PM)
TGENTLE wrote: I was in Vegas a few years ago and when I got back to the room, I emptied my pockets and noticed an famialiar dull thud instead of ty6pical coinage ringing and sure enough I found a Scotch and Soda amongst the coins.

Great story!! It all goes to show you just never know whats gonna turn up from one day to the next. Something like that could only happen to a magician.

Message: Posted by: Cao314159 (Feb 3, 2005 02:15AM)
Not really a coin, but I got a stealth pen for my birthday (gimmicks are not my thing) and my dad took it to work accedentally and lost it!
Message: Posted by: MattWayne (Feb 3, 2005 09:17AM)
I used to work as a waiter- my first job ever! I disliked the job, but enjoyed the customers. BUT yes, it was ironic and strange at the same time. While sifting through my change that I had accumulated through the one day- I noticed that one coin folded. In fact it stunned me, because I thought I had bent in- very perplexing. I then realized it was indeed a folding coin. Amazing. It wasn't mine, but I claimed it!

Message: Posted by: dog (Feb 4, 2005 12:33AM)
To avoid this I put gaffed coins in a different pocket, the small pocket in a pair of jeans is ideal. So not spent any of them yet.

Some good stories of magicians actually finding gimmicks though, how lucky is that?!

Non magicians must freak out when they find out they have a gimmick and not realise how much they really cost.
Message: Posted by: lil_magic (Feb 4, 2005 06:35AM)
I accidently let a girl borrow my 3 in 1 quarter yesterday and I'm ****ed off.
Message: Posted by: Zac Vee (Feb 4, 2005 06:49AM)
A guy that I knew has spent his gimmick coins plenty of time , me I almost did once but was quick to realize that I was paying too much for what I was buying hahahaha

So thanks God, so far I havent spent one. ;-)
Message: Posted by: joeKing (Feb 4, 2005 02:44PM)
On 2005-01-31 09:20, Dean A wrote:
I can't imagine how you could ever accidently spend a gaff. The notion is ridiculous.

Please keep them sepeate from real money in the future and have some pride in the large amounts of money you have spent on them.


Yea Dean...I purposely spent it...I like wasting money (SARCASM!)

Everyone makes mistakes. I just made one...besides I got my folding coin for like $2.50...it's not like I spent my flipper coin or anything.
Message: Posted by: Craig Ousterling (Feb 4, 2005 03:59PM)
I found a coin in my search for regular half dollars from banks. It is the only coin that thunked instead of tinked. I thought maybe it was a gaff and tried a brass bang ring on it... nope. It sounded a lot like the steel core I have... but this thunking coin wasn't attracted in that way either.

So, I tried working a routine where I get to take the clink out of a coin. Just not very effective so now I just have this coin that doesn't clink... it only clunks. Sounds like a gaff... but if it is I have NO idea what type.

Message: Posted by: tabman (Feb 4, 2005 05:33PM)
GreyGhost wrote:

So, I tried working a routine where I get to take the clink out of a coin. Just not very effective so now I just have this coin that doesn't clink... it only clunks.

That's a very creative idea and one I'd like to see explored more. Sort of like taking the bounce out of a ball. Keep us posted.

Do you have any ideas for a routine yet??? Odd about that coin too.

Message: Posted by: Craig Ousterling (Feb 4, 2005 06:17PM)
David Roth has a tuning fork routine that I acquired the tuning fork for. I played with that for a while but confused myself after wondering what was actually ringing... the fork or the coin. TOSSED idea. Then tried playing around with dull copper coins... "if you rub a dull copper coin together with a bright silver coin you can "dull" the ringing of the silver..." ~eh wasn't happy.. it didn't get the response from people I had hoped. Most people were like... so what I can do that too. They thought it was the way you hold the coin. Wrong... but still a puzzle isn't magic and I think they thought it was a puzzle.

I suppose now thinking about it again... I could try working some more ideas... or rework the dull coin thing into taking the ring out of a bunch of coins. so the effect would be that you have a bunch of coins at the start and jingle them around and they chime and ring and at the end they're a bunch of noiseless "things".... crud that sounds a lot like a wildcoin routine. eh... I'll keep thinking about it. I'll email or PM you with thoughts when I manage to scrape some out.

Message: Posted by: RP (Feb 5, 2005 12:25AM)
I just bought the Raven with steel core quarter. I did the trick for someone and I guess it was so good that it fooled me cause now I can't find the quarter. I'm pretty impressed with myself for making it disappear completely, but that's a $20 mistake. Ooops.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Faust (Feb 5, 2005 01:45AM)
To my earlier reply, I should add that I always keep all of my spendable coins in a small change purse. This also really helps me avoid a gaff-spending accident.

Excessively Cautious,

Dr. Faust
Message: Posted by: angpc (Feb 6, 2005 06:58PM)
I keep all my coins in a purse, in a traveling bag while on vacation once (never know when you might need to do a Coins Across while waiting for the plane. ;) )

Unfortunately the whole bag got stolen, and the police recovered it a couple of days later, with all my stuff (thankfully!) intact, except for the coin purse. So now someone has $5 worth of spare change, and a Johnson ]. :D

Hopefully he or she would leave the life of crime and embark on a brilliant career as a magician. :P
Message: Posted by: cigar808 (Feb 7, 2005 12:16AM)
Chapter 24 of "Discoverie of Witchcraft" warns:

A magician must have a full assortment of trick coins and the like, but he must be careful lest he forget which are which and spend the wrong coins.

400 plus years and we are still admonishing ourselves.
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Feb 7, 2005 12:40AM)
Well, that is one good reason for having gone to older coin gaffs like the Morgan, peace, or Walking Libery. Can't possibly give these ones away by accident.
Message: Posted by: Mike Brezler (Mar 31, 2005 07:59AM)
I keep my gaffed coins separate from my other coins in a small coin wallet.
They are expensive enough... I would hate to use them for real currency.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Mar 31, 2005 12:17PM)
Almost left a hooked half as part of a tip for a waitress once. I had forgotten I had put it in my coat pocket after doing a trick with it a few days before. I was reaching around looking for some change when I found it, was about to drop it on the table , when fortunately the hook scratched my hand a bit, which made me stop and look closer. While that gaff is "legal tender" it cost me a lot more than 50 cents. And the waitress would have probably cut her hand on it and sued me for a million.
Message: Posted by: Nemic386 (Mar 31, 2005 01:03PM)
My aunt worked at a bank and when I was like five she gave me a "cigarette thru" coin and if I had not lost it somewhere I wouldn't have to order another one- it's like seeing a toy go for a couple of hundred bucks and you kick yourself around the block because you destroyed yours in what was later termed "the great clothes dryer incident" by members of your immediate family !! :)
Message: Posted by: John_Cassell (May 20, 2005 08:04AM)
I lost a large collection of gimmickedcoins when my (now ex) wife spent them for alcohol one night. I now live where my usual coins are considered "furrin", and I use that (along with my accent) as a basis for several routines. And I carry coin holders/ purses (even with the occasional comment received) as double security.
Message: Posted by: Sam Tabar (May 20, 2005 02:34PM)
I ususally keep the gaffed coins in my one pocket and the ordinary ones in the other pocket. So that I don't accidentally spend the gaffed ones.
Message: Posted by: Corey Harris (May 20, 2005 03:01PM)
I have never spent any. But I have accedently thrown my dime & penny in my change jar of about 40 bucks of pennies. That made for a very stressful evening.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (May 20, 2005 05:21PM)
I have never lost any coins, but since I read these posts I will now put my gaffed coins in a special coin purse so it never happens.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (May 20, 2005 07:53PM)
I spent sevral coins untull I started to keep them in different pockets
Message: Posted by: trevcmagicman (May 21, 2005 11:17PM)
I try to keep all gimmicked coins in my closet until I perform with them. But before I did that I spent my whole 21 cent trick...
Message: Posted by: Dave V (May 21, 2005 11:31PM)
My ex-wife spent my e] quarter on a bagel.

Ex being the key word here... ;)
Message: Posted by: trevcmagicman (May 21, 2005 11:36PM)
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (May 22, 2005 07:50AM)
Old Dutch coin-gimmicker Gerrit teCate once told me an amusing story. He was attending a magic convention somewhere in the north of Holland. When he ordered a drink at the bar, the waiter showed him a shell-coin. "Look here sir, I was fooled by those ***ed magicians, they gave me a worthless hollow coin!"
"Ah", Gerrit said, not blinking, as he recognised it as a shell being made by him," Here, give it to me and I'll give you a normal euro."
He mentioned dryly:" I sold it to a younger magician later. It was the first time I got paid twice for the same shell!"
Message: Posted by: David Melnick (May 23, 2005 11:38AM)
Just yesterday I noticed my Scotch and Soda coin was not in its holder in the plastic bag I keep all my gimmicked coins. I must have spent it. Oh well. The gimmicked coins I use the most are expanded half shells, copper/silvers and chinese coins. I never really used the Scotch and Soda. What gimmicked coins do you find you use more often?
Message: Posted by: Maestro (May 25, 2005 12:39AM)
On 2005-01-31 09:20, Dean A wrote:
I can't imagine how you could ever accidently spend a gaff. The notion is ridiculous.


Heh heh, you must not have a very active imagination then :lol:.
Message: Posted by: David Melnick (May 25, 2005 08:53AM)
As you can tell from my number of posts, I am fairly new at this. This may seem like a silly question, but do you use the effect in ways different than the standard instructions? You must, given your answer! I am at the stage where I am learning lots of sleights and standard routines, such as from Bobo or David Roth, but have not developed much beyond that. How do you use Scotch and Soda?
Message: Posted by: Rob Elliott (May 25, 2005 09:07AM)
On 2005-05-25 09:53, melamel wrote:
How do you use Scotch and Soda?

Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (May 28, 2005 12:27AM)
On 2005-05-25 09:53, melamel wrote:
How do you use Scotch and Soda?

If you want to see a master use it, get the Don Alan DVD from Stevens Magic Emporium. There's a lot of other material on the video that will also get your attention.
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (May 30, 2005 09:18AM)
My recent tragedy involved a knee injury a couple of months ago. I fell, tore the tendon holding my kneecap in place (patellar) and had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. After surgery, my wife mentions that my suit coat was ripped during my fall and she tossed it. Unfortunately, she didn't know I had Scotch & Soda in the coin pocket...

I'm still on crutches, which makes stand-up magic a challenge.

Message: Posted by: Jordini (Jun 1, 2005 01:39AM)
On 2005-02-03 03:15, Cao314159 wrote:
Not really a coin, but I got a stealth pen for my birthday (gimmicks are not my thing) and my dad took it to work accedentally and lost it!

One time in class my teacher borrowed my stealth pen off my desk and tried to use it. He was quite perplexed I must say.

Before sorting through bags of loose change, I ALWAYS run my raven over the pile in hopes that I picked up a steel core coin along my travels... as of yet, no such luck.
Message: Posted by: STFC (Jun 1, 2005 05:31AM)
My bro put his bite out coin in a parking ticket machine, expensive ticket!!!
Message: Posted by: Dr Magic (Jun 3, 2005 01:21AM)
Double faced nickels.. all spent.

Quarter shells.. All spent, stuck to a regular quarter.

Those stupid Susan B Anthony dollar coins.. Accepted most anywhere as quarters if you're not paying attention.

Dr Magic

:carrot: :banana:
Message: Posted by: Wells34 (Jun 4, 2005 06:43PM)
I can't wait for the day when I get one of your coins as change from a store :)
Message: Posted by: magicmafia22 (Jul 15, 2005 11:15PM)
Yup I lost 2 bite-out quarters and spent 1, and lost a dim and penny.
LOL I wonder what the people at the store thought when they later went through their money and the bite out quarter fell apart in their hands. LOL
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Jul 16, 2005 12:16AM)
I've spent several dime and penny sets, at least one double-faced nickel and probably at least one steel-cored coin, and I know I have given away Susan B. Anthony dollars as quarters. I just know I have.
Message: Posted by: Monoxide (Sep 28, 2005 03:51PM)
I accidentaly put my f------ quarter in a gum machine in the entry way of the supermarket but I realized my mistake before I turned the crank so there I am on my knees trying to get a quarter from a gum machine as people walk by man I must have looked cheap lol.

Message: Posted by: the_houdini_jester (Sep 28, 2005 07:14PM)
My Brother "accidently" Had my Bite-Out Quarter and put it into a soda machine. Luckily it was to loihgt or didn't pass for the machine and got sent right back to the change space. There's probobly a ton of places that I lost or have almost spent my Bite-out Quarter, luckily, it's a lucky coin. Plus, that was the most recent time.

Message: Posted by: BenSalinas (Sep 30, 2005 04:39PM)
My mishap was while I was a student at the Presidio in Monterey, California. It was payday and I was dead broke. I had a quarter in one pocket and my new Johnson's gin & Tonic in the other pocket. I walked out of class and past a Coke machine, did a quick check of my pockets and found.....50 cents!! I had no idea I had spent my brand new gimmick until later that evening. The Coke hit the spot! Hell, it SHOULD for $25.50!

Message: Posted by: Magicman101uk (Sep 30, 2005 06:29PM)
Not too long ago I spent my coin unique by Eddie Gibson. I couldn't understand where the hell it had gone, then suddenly remembered it had been in my back pocket. It makes me laugh that I bought a pound coin for £28!


Message: Posted by: popec (Oct 1, 2005 01:09AM)
Hehe, I don't have any gimmicks, no chance of that happening! Thank Gosh. :P lol
Message: Posted by: rmofsky (Oct 1, 2005 10:53AM)
I've never spent one but I have lost a few in my car, inside upholstered furniture(couches), and in rock clubs where I couldn't hear them hitting the floor thanks to the loud music.

All in all, losing a few coins has helped me to become less precious about them. That in turn has made a BIG difference in my magic.

Message: Posted by: Brillus (Oct 3, 2005 04:22AM)
I spent my scotch & soda set here in italy for accident... lost 30 euro sigh!
Message: Posted by: magicbob116 (Oct 14, 2005 11:34AM)
I had a close call with a dime and penny. I keep loose change in my desk drawer and it got mixed in. I spent the next 15 minutes going through all the pennies to find it. I true testimonial to the quality of the coin. I couldn't find it just by looking. I had to use the "glass" method until it turned up.
Message: Posted by: houdini (Oct 22, 2005 09:18PM)
I have never spent any of my gaffed coins, however I am constantly loosing them in my recliner while I am practiceing with them LOL
Message: Posted by: e-man (Oct 25, 2005 02:08AM)
I made a phone call with a lLassen quarter but it was overseas long distance so I spoke for 45 minutes. Thanks Todd,You think of everything!
Message: Posted by: e-man (Oct 25, 2005 02:08AM)
I made a phone call with a Lassen quarter but it was overseas long distance so I spoke for 45 minutes. Thanks Todd, you think of everything!
Message: Posted by: Dusty the magic clown (Oct 26, 2005 07:44AM)
While I was in Florida I used my bite quarter for my laundry *** expensive laundry
Message: Posted by: Marc Woods (Oct 26, 2005 07:56AM)
You won't believe this, I just spent my jumbo coin in a parking meter :D :D
Message: Posted by: Joe Russell (Oct 26, 2005 10:14AM)
I threw a folding quarter into the toll booth once at least I think that's what happen to it, I wonder what happens when some one gets it in their change
Message: Posted by: llsouder (Oct 26, 2005 01:29PM)
I lost my TT with a twenty in it. I was ticked. first because it was my only hard plastic TT for doing switches, but mostly because there was twenty bucks in it! The only good thing was it wasn't a 100 bucks!

I did find my TT 6 months later in my garage on a shelf. How it got there I will never know! After that experience, I frequently check the shelf for lost items: mismatched socks, winning lotto tickets, crime evidence, etc. :)
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 26, 2005 01:31PM)
NJ Turnpike Toll booth have go tto be the biggest. I actually got a ticket for it once because it didn't register it as a quarter.
On a side note are we exposing? LOL
Message: Posted by: MixEddie (Apr 11, 2006 07:00PM)
I was walking around at my college one day staring at the ground (which I'm usually doing) when I stumbled on a half dollar. As I picked it up I accidentally dropped it and heard a funny clink. So I ran home, got out my bang ring and VIOLA!!!... a free Scotch and Soda. :D
Message: Posted by: RickVancouver (Apr 12, 2006 01:55AM)
A couple years ago I had Flash Cash in my pocket. When I went to pay for gas, I took it out to get at my regular money. It wasn't until I was about 50 miles away that I realized I left my Flash Cash on the counter.

ps) I lost $185.CDN that day.

Message: Posted by: Rindfleisch (May 18, 2006 12:30PM)
I threw a cig through quarter in toll booth on the parkway

and in case you were wondering

I'm exit 148 (Garden State Parkway) and 15W (Turnpike)

Message: Posted by: airship (May 18, 2006 01:07PM)
I haven't spent any gaffes, but I stretched the heck out of the [ half of a dime-and-penny by (you guessed it) shoving it down on a real dime!
Message: Posted by: meyegr (May 18, 2006 01:08PM)
I was in a store once and a guy working said he thought he had gotten a counterfiet coin. It was a english penny/locking half.

I bought it from him for $.50.

I was in Ames, Iowa 1984. If you want it back it will cost more than that.
Message: Posted by: Rob Elliott (May 18, 2006 03:00PM)
This is one advantage of using halves, English pennies, and Chinese coins. I've never spent any of my gaffs because I don't spend those types of coins.

Now, if you wanna talk about how many I've lost, damaged, or destroyed by accident, that's quite another story!
Message: Posted by: ceme20 (May 18, 2006 07:42PM)
Now that I have read all these other tales of woe, I don't feel so bad. Years ago I lost a Johnson cig thru quarter, I think I used it in a vending machine. One very expensive Pepsi! :)
Message: Posted by: Leland Stone (May 19, 2006 10:24AM)

I used to perform with a friend, who used a certain coin for a VERY impressive PK effect during Magic on the street at Disneyland. Every few months I'd ask why he wasn't doing the PK effect that night.

"I spent the quarter on something!"

I'll second Rob's advice regarding English pennies (although I do spend halves). As far as gaffed coins go, two words fellas: Coin purse.

Message: Posted by: Vaderbreath (May 19, 2006 11:34AM)
I once spent my two-headed quarter in a pop machine. As soon as I dropped it in, I felt that sinking feeling, and when I checked, sure enough it was gone. Now, I was only maybe 12...in my adult life I've kept track a little better.

Message: Posted by: tbsmith918 (May 19, 2006 05:16PM)
Havenít spent one yet... never really worried about it... but that was before reading all of the above posts. :) A side note... Iím sure as heck going to look more closely at the change I receive.
Message: Posted by: Katterfel22 (May 19, 2006 11:41PM)
My wife borrowed two gaffed quarters off my dresser to get her morning coffee. Since then I keep them in the plastic bags they come in unless I am useing them at the time.
Still, I can't really blame her. I can't think without coffee in the morning either. ;)
Message: Posted by: Professor Piper (May 29, 2006 11:45PM)
I work in a chain of three Magic Shops here in the Ozarks...(Branson)...

I make dang sure that I warn those customers that buy S&S, Coin in Bottle, etc. to be sure they DON'T spend them...

Without fail I get a quick 'double take' when I give them the warning...

Hopefully that will keep them from making a big financial mistake!

Personally, I've never made this mistake, but seeing as I've only been performing Magic for just shy of 2 years, I'm sure it's bound to happen...


Thank God for the employee discount!

Prof. Piper
Message: Posted by: patrick flanagan (May 30, 2006 10:09AM)
The only time this happened to me was about 20 years ago. After coming home from a bar and emptying my pockets, I realized I had put my cig through quarter in a pinball machine. Expensive game. I think they were selling for $25 at the time. I did come close to tossing a folding quarter in a toll booth, but caught myself in time.
Message: Posted by: lelo (Jun 6, 2006 12:30PM)
I have not seen my raven quarter. I believe I mixed it with my pocket change and got lost.
Message: Posted by: pradell (Jun 21, 2006 01:51AM)
It really hurts when the folded up $100 bill disappears long after the $100 bill switch trick is completed. Ouch! Need to clean up carefully after your shows!
Message: Posted by: Jess Cone (Jun 21, 2006 09:54PM)
I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I've successfully managed to spend 3 S&S coins over the years. I've finally switched over to an Ike Dollar size coin and this has solved my problem. Sheesh. Jess Cone
Message: Posted by: bentley (Jun 23, 2006 05:31PM)
LUCKILY I haven't. I keep them in a pouch.
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Jun 24, 2006 07:39PM)
Ive spent many folding quarters on accident.
Message: Posted by: davidrowyn (Jul 3, 2006 11:05PM)
My house was broken into once and my shelf of gimmicked coins was wiped clean. They were probably only worth a few dollars at face value but were a few hundred dollars to replace.

Insurance covered them after I explained what they were. That's an interesting conversation to have.

Message: Posted by: The King (Jul 16, 2006 11:13AM)
When I first started out I spent a few folding coins until I learned to keep them in the watch pocket of my jeans.
On another note, I was performing "mislead" at a local tavern one night when the waitress took the pencil (complete with gimmick) from my table without me noticing. I am guessing that she had lost hers and thought that I had it. I did not notice until I got home. A couple of weeks later I attended a party at this waitress's home and borrowed a pencil to write down my contact info for someone. Attached to the pencil and quite invisible was my mislead gimmick so I immediately went into the routine which just floored everyone present. I discretely removed the gimmick and returned her pencil.
Message: Posted by: Badger (Jul 16, 2006 10:55PM)
Yes, my locking 21 cent trickÖand that sucks
Message: Posted by: One Man (Jul 17, 2006 02:53PM)
Picked up an S&S coin during a high card cut. Someone, not a magician, tossed it inot the pot and it made that tell-tale thud so I offered to buy it at face value.

My best magic buy ever!

Message: Posted by: cigam3d (Jul 23, 2006 01:15AM)
I have never spent any of mine but I always have my quarter [ in my pocket and I always have to double check before giving it
Message: Posted by: Judah Vee (Sep 4, 2006 12:02AM)
Its been years now but back when I was in the NAVY, I had a bad habit called....drinking!!! Needless to say I used a few of my gaff coins to pay for some beer with out thinking, and in Guantanimo Bay , Cuba no less!!!!! Lesson learned :Do not carry them when I drank as I was quite mad at myself the next day. Helped me slow down on drinking too!!!
Message: Posted by: kihei kid (Sep 4, 2006 09:46AM)
Tap, Tap, Tap, that's the sound of me knocking on wood with my fipper, I've never lost a coin gimmick.
Message: Posted by: jmoran76 (Sep 13, 2006 09:07PM)
I hate to say it, but in a rush once I spent my S&S at a toll booth. It ticks me off every time I pass that booth.

Message: Posted by: Muckey Spleen (Sep 21, 2006 03:53AM)
When I was a kid my little brother used to spend 'em on candy. He's lucky to be alive.
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Sep 22, 2006 02:55PM)
I never spent any shells or gaffs because God knows I'm smarter than that! But I was so broke once that I actually had to spend 6 of my silver dollars for some food. It sucked to do it, but I had no choice. When I went to the deli I asked the guy not to cash them in because I would be back in a couple of days to buy them back. He said OK; I went back two days later with some bills only to find out he already "deposited" them in the bank, so he said.

I miss those F*#%ers. Being broke sucks and sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

PS. Something funny. When I was practicing my Downs palm I used to carry Eisenhower dollars everywhere. One day I was driving (don't get ahead of me) and while I was practicing, I accidentally threw a coin out the window.
Message: Posted by: walid ahumada (Sep 28, 2006 07:18PM)
I had a scotch and soda 10 years ago and I use to carry with me all the time, then I moved back to mexico and forget about it, I was too busy doing cars efects, after two years I found the coin holder with the half dollar in it, but....it was a real half dollar!! I bit the hell out of it and never came apart.
Message: Posted by: tpax (Oct 8, 2006 10:00AM)
I've have a dime/penny lost in a large jar of change!
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Oct 11, 2006 05:59AM)
I've spent my folding coin. it was a euro coin and we use Lei here in romania.
I just didn't see it. it got mixed up through my other coins and I guess some lady from the pharmacy has it now,lol.
it happens.

Message: Posted by: Spydur (Oct 11, 2006 10:33PM)
I spent my triple threat gimmick.
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Oct 11, 2006 10:34PM)
I also accidently spent my Kohler Holdout.

I have no idea how I did that. One second it was in my pocket and I got on the bus and the next thing I know I spent it!

Message: Posted by: HDMAGIC (Oct 12, 2006 09:34AM)
Just recently my nephew came into my magic room and saw a half dollar sitting on one of my magic tables. He decided he wanted it and left me two quarters for the half. He had no idea that it was the nested Scotch & Soda half. A short time later he decided he did not want the half and spent it.
Message: Posted by: richgerb86 (Oct 12, 2006 02:58PM)
My wife took my cig thru .25 gahering up money for cigarettes. That was one expensive pack.Now she will not spend any change without checking with me first, & I have upgraded to Johnsons Cig thru .25. No way that is going to be spent.
Message: Posted by: mc_magi (Oct 12, 2006 04:48PM)
I'm sure I'd lose it if I ever had a gaffed/gimmicked coins......

I almost spent my half dollars for bus fare though. The bus driver gave me a funny look.
Message: Posted by: JeffMac (Oct 12, 2006 06:55PM)
I've done it often lost more than a few. One of the nice thing being Canadian is we can use toonies as they are fairly easy to palm and are coins people use everyday. One of the bad things about being Canadian is using coins that you use every day.
One time while drinking I almost tipped a e******d toonie shell. Luckily I noticed it fall off when it hit the bar. Lost mostly folding coins over the years though.
Thinking if this many people have been spending them. Anyone ever receive a gaff as payment?
Message: Posted by: Manny (Oct 13, 2006 12:50AM)
It's ridiculous. I've never done it ... more then twice.
It's getting too expensive to do it again.
Message: Posted by: GWSchott (Dec 11, 2006 11:19PM)
I try to keep my 'magic' coins in my right pocket and my spare change in the left. Or maybe it's the other way around...I keep my magic coins in my LEFT pocket and my spare change in the RIGHT :)
Message: Posted by: usg353d (Dec 13, 2006 02:03PM)
Never have yet. Knock on wood.
Message: Posted by: DStachowiak (Dec 27, 2006 08:23PM)
I have spent a dime-and-penny set, and would probably have spent other gaffs if I had any in common currency, but all the ones I use are in half dollar or silver dollar sizes, which I never spend.
Message: Posted by: Mark R. Williams (Jan 5, 2007 06:05PM)
I have lost (spent) a few gaff quarters in my time. Funny thing is I rarely use gaffs but when I do................ It is the usual, keep them with the real coins so when you get them out "nothing is suspicous".........just expensive.

Aside from the "impromtu Magic Goofs" gaff halves and dollar coins are a lot harder to mistakenly spend.

Message: Posted by: Card Collegiate (Jan 8, 2007 12:40PM)
Logitech has a wallet that's used for storing photo memory chips. It costs around $3.00 and is perfect for storing coins. CHeck it out and let me know how it works for you.
Message: Posted by: Manny (Jan 16, 2007 03:26AM)
I have lost several coins. This is easy to do when you seldom use them or
when you have a senior moment. Solution ? ... I keep them in a coin purse.
It's a good solution except when one consumes too much alcohol one day or
even worse when your wife goes through your pockets looking for change.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 22, 2007 10:23PM)
I accidentally spent cig-thru-quarter several times.
Message: Posted by: 8thking (Jun 14, 2009 05:05AM)
I spent a few in my time but now I get a sharpie and write FAKE COIN on them all so I always know not to spend em
Message: Posted by: Douglas Lippert (Jun 14, 2009 04:55PM)
On 2009-06-14 06:05, 8thking wrote:
I spent a few in my time but now I get a sharpie and write FAKE COIN on them all so I always know not to spend em

Haha..very funny. :)
Message: Posted by: Daston (Jun 14, 2009 05:45PM)
Here's one I bet you have never heard before. I am almost embarrassed to tell it but while at a family reunion in West Virginia, I was practicing cig thru the quarter while using an outdoor toilet. I dropped it on the floor and of course it found its way in a crack between two boards in the floor. Fortunately, it nested on some grass that eventually gets tracked in off shoes. I held my breath and took off the top of a bic ink pen and almost had it out when "unfortunately, the grass gave way and it fell into ..... well I don't think you will have to ask Paul Harvey for "the rest of the story."
Message: Posted by: Douglas Lippert (Jun 14, 2009 06:10PM)
Aww..that sucks dude.

Maybe this will cheer you up. A while back I finally received a Quantum Bender 2.0. If anyone doesn't know, it's a tool used to bend coins in real time, for mentalism routines.

Anyhow, I was bending all the change in my apartment including rolls I bought from the bank. One day I bent a quarter that was on my t.v. stand and was surprised to see that it popped open!

I thought, wow! This might be one of those spy coins or something. There was a heads piece, a tails piece and a small round piece of aluminum inside.

Yes..the more I looked at the coin the more it started to dawn on me.

I accidentally bent and popped open one of my shimmed quarters. :( lol..
Message: Posted by: PWB (Jun 18, 2009 03:55AM)
I have done it a few times with nickels and quarters. Now I only use half. I love them and I never spend a half. even if it is a real not gimmick ed one.
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Jun 18, 2009 04:30AM)
On 2005-02-07 01:16, cigar808 wrote:
Chapter 24 of "Discoverie of Witchcraft" warns:

A magician must have a full assortment of trick coins and the like, but he must be careful lest he forget which are which and spend the wrong coins.

400 plus years and we are still admonishing ourselves.

Can you imagine some rare coin collector getting upset because his Elizabethan era 3 Shilling coin is split in half and has an Irish Groat on the inside...