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Topic: Learning the basics
Message: Posted by: keymaster (Jan 30, 2005 03:24PM)
Hi guys... Ive found a new interest in cup and balls lately and wish to buy a set of cups and a video or dvd. I was wondering how hard cups are to actually learn. Coming straight from cards (which weren't to hard to pick up and learn the basics) I want to get some ideas on how long it could take to get the hang of cups, as a set of cups aren't cheap.

I was thinking of buying Mike Ammar Cups & Balls Vol 1 & 2, but I'm not sure how they are for the basics. Also, how much can I expect to pay for a OK set of cups in Australia?

If anyone out there can help me, that would be great. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Magicmaven (Jan 30, 2005 03:41PM)
M. Ammar's videos have the basics for sure. They are very good! I haven't done a lot with the cups and balls, but I picked up the innitial moves fairly easily (like 2 days), Obviously the moves weren't mastered, but they are about as easy as a Top shot move in cards.

You shouldn't have much trouble. The DVDs show some basic, but solid routines. Cups range in cost from $5-$500, as far as I know. I wouldn't pay less than $20 if you plan on performing with them. A good set is around $100 and up. I don't know the currency rates for Australia, sorry.

For sure though, you should contact Bill Palmer, he knows it all! Have fun with this great classic.
Message: Posted by: BrucUK (Jan 30, 2005 03:47PM)
I would second the vote for Ammar, but there are a wealth of other routines out there, e.g. the one in Mark Wilson's "Cyclopaedia of Magic" is a great place to start. I've been doing cups 18 months now, and my favourite routine is still 4 paper cups and a company coffee mug, so do not necessarily go out and buy something expensive until you are sure you want to embrace the style/genre. If you do tho' , the sky is the limit for price and choice.
Good luck on the voyage
Rgds - Bruce
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jan 30, 2005 05:44PM)
The Trickery and Magic Warehouse have a Bazar de Magia's Cups and Balls set for $25 and $23.

This may be the way to go before you invest in a more expensive set.