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Topic: Deleting Magical Transactions.
Message: Posted by: swatchel-omi (Feb 5, 2005 08:01PM)

In the Magical Transactions forum the rules for selling oitems states:

>>Because items are often sold or traded quickly, members may occasionally forget to delete their original post advertising the item(s)<<

How do I delete the original post ?

Joe H
Message: Posted by: R2 (Feb 5, 2005 10:14PM)
Just click on your own post and report it as sold. The staff will take care of it. You cannot as a member delete your own posts.

The ground rule section should be reworded and have it no longer read, "Delete their original post and in it's place state, please report your post, once your item has been sold or is no longer available.
Message: Posted by: swatchel-omi (Feb 6, 2005 06:48AM)

That clears up the confusion.

Message: Posted by: stevenamills (Feb 22, 2005 05:42PM)
Two suggestions here:

1. Posts are, to the credit of the moderator(s) deleted so quickly that the "Wanted" posts are taking over. I would like to see a separate "Items Wanted" area.

2. It would be very helpful to see a "Completed Transactions" area - a rolling 60 days or so. Could be quite helpful. I know my last item was posted - sold and deleted in a couple of hours. The specifics may well have been of interest to others.

Message: Posted by: blindbo (Feb 22, 2005 05:59PM)
I second the above.