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Topic: The Indian Thread Reel Can Be Used For......
Message: Posted by: Master of Deception (Feb 11, 2005 10:43AM)
I need Help on the Indian thread thingy. All I do is float a pice of paper money. What else can it be used for?
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 18, 2005 01:47PM)
It's really a cheap knock-off of a wonderful marketed item. I use mine as a backup to my original (sorry James, can't think of your company...Sorcery, or something...?)...ITR...I also use it as a backup system in case of IT breakage.

Honestly, though, James at Sorcery (?) has one for $10 that blows that one away. I only wish I'd known about that before buying this cheap knock-off...hey, it was $5, but I'd gladly pay TWICE that for James'.

Anyone have a link? My resources are all in storage right now, so I can't look anything up...sorry! :bg:

Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (Feb 24, 2005 08:02PM)

There you go! Good luck!

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 25, 2005 02:23PM)
Perfect! I see the one I said was $10 is now $15...oops! Sorry!

Now, in case you have a setup using IT (Floating Rose Hookup, LeClair, etc), and you accidently snap it...ordinarily, you're out of luck, but if you have that little "backup" pinned in your shirt, you have an instant reset!

It also comes in handy, if you've shown someone, they tell someone else, and they ask you to perform...it's happened a number of times, and I've VERY thankful for this little ITR. The Indian one is so cheaply made, I ended up rebuilding it, and now I see why it was $5...LOL! I spent more in time and parts, than I would have if I'd just bought an original from James! Unfortunately, at the time, I knew nothing of Sorcery...

Get the $15 one (see it here: http://sorcery.safeshopper.com/42/106.htm?460 ), you won't be sorry! :bg:

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Feb 28, 2005 09:12PM)
Oh, I wouldn't say that.

I now have to send my thread boss back in for repair a [i] second [/i] time.
First time, I had it only 2 weeks and the little black bead came off.
It was a two week turn around time to get it back. That was around the new year. Now, just 2 days ago, the alligator clip came off. I was more than a little peeved. I try and make sure that I don't apply undue pressure on parts like that, because I've been nervous about this thing breaking since the first time. I don't even use this thing that much, so it's not suffering from wear and tear.
I decided to break the thread from the wax ball and let the thread retract inside so I could safely glue the clip back on - I wasn't going to wait another 2 weeks for something as stupid as this. So I carefully expoxied the clip back on, which appears to be successful, but couldn't suck the thread back out. I opened up the reel, and found the loose thread - checked that no epoxy got [i] inside [/i] the reel, which it didn't, and happened to notice that one of the little nubs that helps the case snap together is broken off. And one side of the elastic band is also damaged. I tried for and hour and a half, and could not get this thing working again.
I'm quite tempted to just call it junk, and work instead with loops and LeClairs or Fearson's hookup. For the same money, I could've bought a spiderpen !
OTOH, I have a micro ITR, and while that's a lot larger than I care for, at least I've had no real problems with it, although I also haven't used it since getting the boss. This thread boss of mine, however, is cursed. I hope I can get it replaced if not refunded, cause this thing is just shot.