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Topic: Predator Wallet VS Heirloom Wallet question
Message: Posted by: serge storms (Feb 12, 2005 05:17PM)
I'm looking for your opinon on the predator wallet vs the heirloom wallet if this is my need:
like to be able to do heirloom (or version of such as Kollosal Killer etc) and still be able to carry some of the other wallet stuffers I like to carry such as twisted sisters, color monte, beswitched with 1$ and $5, 2 $1's to $2 and a couple of others. I'm familiar with heirloom wallet as my friend has one. I like the way it looks like I'd be able to accomplish all of the above with it along with carrying my everyday stuff, credit cards license etc. But I'd like to hear from those that are familiar with both wallets if much of the same can be done with the considerably more pricey predator wallet. Its worth the extra money if the wallet can hold more or is nicer in quality. Any replies would be welcome. thanks.
Message: Posted by: toonomads (Feb 12, 2005 05:49PM)
Though the Predator Wallet can accomodate more stuff, it would seem to me that it is not a wallet that one can use as an everyday wallet. It really is designed more as a magic prop and does that job very well.

I would stick with the Heirloom wallet if it suits you. More durable for everyday use.
Message: Posted by: serge storms (Feb 12, 2005 11:17PM)
Thanks toonomads - any others with thoughts?
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Apr 3, 2005 04:14PM)
I have a predator.- I was very dissapointed with the quality, It's potentially a good idea, but the manufacture/price of the thing lets it down badly! - I wouldn't recommend it!

(Haven't seen an "official" Heirloom wallet.) I'm sure that you could pick up a multi-pocket wallet to suit your needs anywhere.

I have creased and folded my Heirloom pictures so they look old - the also take up much less room folded!
Message: Posted by: Steve Dela (Apr 3, 2005 05:14PM)
The heirloom wallet is a bit too big for me and the leather is amazingly bad! very cheap...

the predator is a very nice soft leather and is very high quality, deffinatly worth the money for the effect you can get out of it!

for what you want, I can reccomend non really... but I would say that the predator looks much more natural and will hold quite a few things.

In Magic
Steve Dela
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Apr 3, 2005 06:55PM)
What colour is your "Predator" Steve? - Mine is black, although the one I've seen Paul Wilson using is brown and looks much better made than the one he sold me?
Message: Posted by: Joe Mauro (Apr 3, 2005 10:59PM)
I think they only come in black. I've used a brown wallet my whole life. I think because my Grandfather gave me his when I turned 16 and needed a wallet for a drivers license. It was brown and I bought a brown one every few years ( yep, always at Christams when hundfreds appear ) when it would wear out. But, I don't think the color should matter.
Message: Posted by: Steve Dela (Apr 4, 2005 03:48AM)
Yeah mine was black,
the one Paul uses is brown, but I believe that is from his first ever run of the wallets, it looks very used. (he might have changed it since I saw it though)
I am very happy with my wallet and it is one of those items that has got me work so it has paid for itself.

I think a stiffer version would be nice though...I would deffinatly buy it again esspecially if I heard it was to be discontinued.

In Magic
Steve Dela
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Apr 4, 2005 05:25AM)
Yes Steve, I hear that it's definately to be discontinued..... Now how much are you going to give me for mine!? :o)