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Topic: Crazy Knots Instructions Help
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Feb 12, 2005 06:07PM)
Can anyone give me instructions on the "Crazy Knots" by Pavel. I have the 3 pieces of rope (1 short in between 2 long ones) but I lost the instructions. I can't remember how to do it. It's been years since I last touched this rope. Im getting old and forgetful due to too many props and acts to think about. Thanks for any help.
Message: Posted by: Jimmy Joza (Feb 12, 2005 08:45PM)
I know I have them somewhere. When I come across them, I can scan the instructions and e-mail them to you.

Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Feb 13, 2005 07:01AM)

Another option - the effect is on Pavel's rope magic video by L&L Publishing. I'm pretty sure I have the instructions too, so if Jimmy can't find his, I'll hunt mine down and email them to you.