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Topic: Ruffles
Message: Posted by: Jeff Jenson (Feb 13, 2005 11:56PM)
I was just wondering what everybody thinks of when they see a magician performing in a tux with ruffles? You see I'm getting into dove magic and was having a problem getting a cosutme together. So I started with a fake shirt front and my wife said it looked funny, so I'm going to try ruffles, but I want to know what you think of them. By the way the show I put on is a classical show.

Message: Posted by: Whiterabbit (Feb 14, 2005 04:30PM)
I think the main problem with ruffles is the one I run into in a baggy renaissance shirt at fairs. Unless I roll up my sleeves with coins and such, some people assume that it's all done via the shirt cuffs somehow. So I guess they'd tend to think of that with ruffles and doves (I'm afraid I know next to nothing about dove magic)which is a shame as ruffles are a nice look.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 19, 2005 12:08AM)

Unless the ruffles are needed for a special reason, I would avoid them. I gave mine away in the 70s. Except for "period" costumes, I don't even know that they are available anymore. They are no longer formal dress in the USA. They were black tie (short dinner jacket) rather than white tie (tail coat) when they were in (60s and 70s). Of course costumes and formal dress are very different. Don't mix them, you'll get caught by those who know. Today it might make people think that you were going for a Beatles or Michael Jackson look-alike.

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Message: Posted by: Pizzazz (Mar 2, 2005 03:49PM)
I say leave the ruffles to Lance Burton. If I were you I would try and think of something else.IMO