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Topic: Sponge-Ball deception
Message: Posted by: BerkleyJL (Feb 14, 2005 10:53AM)
I'll admit my sponge work is rudimentary, but it has served me well up to now. Unfortunately, while inspecting my routine I have noticed what I perceive to be a [b]HUGE[/b] flaw. The only time I perform a vanish and can show both hands empty is when the vanished ball appears in the spectator's hand.

Is it just me, or does it become very obvious to the spectator what's happening? I try to quickly (not too quickly) show where the ball travelled to--so they'll stop looking for where it went, but I still feel guilty.

Short of Sanada and Cloaking device, are there ways to do a "clean" vanish with sponge-balls? Where can I learn them? Or am I just overthinking the situation?

Message: Posted by: Jaz (Feb 14, 2005 12:25PM)
I don't think it's a flaw.
The old saying "Don't run if your not being chased." may apply here.

If suspected and suggests where the ball is, you might try this.
The ball is concealed in your LHand, back to specs.
Move your RH to the LH. As the LH turns about half way palm up, RH begins to point to the LH palm and pinches the ball between the second and third fingers a draws it into the palm. LH is palm up and empty.
Reversing these moves will put the ball back into the LH.

Casually rubbing the hands together, as in the hand washing methods of coin work, can be effective.

Hiding the ball in the crook of your elbow while adjusting your sleeves can work.
Message: Posted by: magicsarge (Feb 14, 2005 01:17PM)
Check out the Patrick Page sponge ball video, there is a move on there where by you can retain a ball and wave your hand thus giving the illusion of empty hands, I think its one of the 'trick-a-tape' range of videos.
Hope this is of help :)
Message: Posted by: BerkleyJL (Feb 14, 2005 01:24PM)
I think I may already do that, using a t***b-p**m. I know it implies that the hand is empty and it's the best I could come up with on my own. I was just wondering if there were any "moves" out there to [i]show[/i] the hands empty. Kenton Knepper has a move on his "Klose Up and Unpublished" video but I can only justify using it toward the end of my routine. It only looks natural there.

I guess if I'm constantly showing both hands empty it might have the reverse effect of what I'm looking for, eh?
Message: Posted by: Riley (Feb 14, 2005 02:16PM)
On 2005-02-14 14:24, BerkleyJL wrote:
"....I think I may already do that, using a t***b-p**m...." [/quote]

The move of Pat's that Magicsarge mentions - the ball is not in the hand when it is waved over the other hand. Well worth getting this tape and there's a lot of subtle stuff on it.

Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Feb 14, 2005 03:15PM)
Jaz is absolutely right. Don't run if you aren't being chased. I almost never have both hands empty and I've never had a moment's problem with it. Just watch your spectators. If they start watching your dirty hand then you aren't keeping their attention. Try being more expansive with your hands. You have to guide them.

It's not tough. I usually use the thumb pinch. I've been told that's a little tougher than the pinkie palm but I don't think so.
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Feb 14, 2005 03:20PM)
I had a very similar thought to yours a little while back. I mean, if you vanish a sponge ball (or any other object for that matter) from your left hand, the first thing the spectator is going to suspect is that it is in your other hand. As soon as the ball is shown to have vanished, SOMEONE IS CHASING YOU.

The only methods I have come accross to overcome this is to either use a subtle convincer of some sort, or to reproduce the ball right away. In using the subtle convincer, you may want to use the dirty hand to hold a wand or pencil. People have a hard time understanding that the hand can do more than one thing at a time. One subterfuge I tend to use is to place my dirty hand on a spectator's shoulder to draw him in closer just as I show the ball to have vanished.

As for reproducing the ball right away, someone once said that it is human nature for the mind to look for a solution - once it finds a solution, it stops looking. So, quite often I will immediately go to my pocket and show the ball to have "reappeared" in that pocket. Actually, what I am doing is keeping the vanished ball palmed in my dirty hand while bringing out yet another ball to get one ahead. This sets me up for the next production.

Just some thoughts on the subject. Hope they help.

Message: Posted by: Jailhouse Jonny (Feb 18, 2005 01:24PM)
Lapping,T-tip or a pull would make you semi-clean.