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Topic: Back palming
Message: Posted by: Nick Wait (Feb 17, 2005 12:34PM)
I've been learning back palming and I am now doing single vanishes nicely, and a pretty good pivot. My problem is that I have been learning in my wrong hand. I am right handed but am missing my little finger. I had hoped to be able to do moves in both hands and wandering if anyone knows if it is possible to backpalm with just three fingers. Its certainly proving hard work on the fingers.

Any advice on card manipulation in both hands would be greatly appreciated. This will be performed on a stage setting. Do you think it is neccesary to do two handed productions.


P.S. How do you do multiple productions? References would be great.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 30, 2005 03:23PM)
Get the Jeff McBride videos on manipulation. It will teach you all you need to put together a super routine. It will not teach you a routine though you will have the tools.

The only other magician I know that has lost is little finger is Meir Yedid. Maybe you can contact him at his web site. I do not think he performs card manipulations but you could ask.
Message: Posted by: Eric Leclerc (Mar 30, 2005 03:23PM)
I just tried it a few times without my pinky, and had no problem really... Its tricky at first but after a couple tries it gets easier.. I don't think double hand production is necessary.. You could steal the cards with your hand that's missing the finger, and load them in your good hand..

I thought of this.. And if you are performing on stage..and vanish a card with your bad hand, people will see you have a pinky missing..They will for sure assume that you are holding the cards with it (even thought you are not) right??
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Mar 30, 2005 07:42PM)
I think you can adapt the moves to work for you. It requires practice and patience, but I think you can adat to them.

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Mar 31, 2005 08:07AM)
Keep at it and you will have something no one else does or can copy. I remember seeing films of Thurston. He covered the front to back palm (in this film at least) by moving his hand down behind his leg as he did the rotation.

Think outside the box. Look at moves done with coins and see if they could be adapted. Thumb palms, etc.