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Topic: Getting Personal.
Message: Posted by: onezero1 (Feb 20, 2005 07:31PM)
In any forum,when you start to feel at home,it's only natural to start to reveal a little more about yourself and your life. Is this a good idea? yes...and no. Aye theres the rub, if you reveal personal details about yourself on a forum then you are inviting people to comment on them. YES, YOU ARE! So don't tell us about the bodybags if you don't want us calling the fed's see? :heckno:
I recently posted some personal information and boy, did that backfire!
Now I am terrified that another member may think less of me because of my one(hopefully just one) foolish post! :( Let my mistake be a lesson to all, read those guidelines! They are there for a reason. :nod: