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Topic: Thanks from Banachek
Message: Posted by: Banachek (Feb 21, 2005 09:17PM)
I am home for one day then off for about two and half months on the road, mostly in Vegas so I thought I would take a minute from this day to thank all those who attended the lectures in the upper West Coast. The turn out was overwhelming and I felt a bit funny at times when people told me that they had driven over 6 hrs to attend, and this was at a few of the lectures.

Thanks so very, very much. I know this was very last minute. My good friend Alain Nu has signed to do a TV show and is shooting at this moment, (from what I hear of it this will be a terrific original show. As a result of this fortunate event he was unable to make it to the West coast and I just happened to have the week free and figured I would help him out. I am so glad I did. I made many new friends and many old Friends showed up as well. I am greater for the experience.

Speaking of TV shows. Criss Angel is shooting 16 episodes for A&E. As a result I will be in Vegas the rest of this month, and most of the next two months. If any one is around I would be happy to get with you in any spare time I may have *very little but there should be some time on Sundays.* I will have limited time on the INTERNET but will check from time to time when I can.

Again, thanks so much and thanks for the kind words here. I am truly honored to be a part of this community.
Message: Posted by: mormonyoyoman (Feb 21, 2005 11:13PM)
It is sort of a mixed feeling to be a success on the road. Many of my friends in the business used to actually hope for a regular TV show so they wouldn't have to travel. (One even going so far as to move to Chile to star in a show there!) So congratulations on being in such demand (even though lectures can't possibly pay you what you're truly worth -- it's just not possible), and may multiple TV & movie offers come your way to enable you to retire wherever you'd like to settle down!

For one thing, we miss your comments here.

Message: Posted by: bloodkin (Feb 22, 2005 06:50AM)
SOunds great! Hope you make it out to the east coast soon!
Message: Posted by: chichi711 (Feb 22, 2005 08:18AM)
Will you be performing in Vegas? I am in Vegas all of the time. I would love to stop by.
Message: Posted by: bobser (Feb 22, 2005 11:02AM)
Chichi711, stop asking him questions. He's trying to get out the door to catch his cab!
Message: Posted by: chichi711 (Feb 22, 2005 12:40PM)
Sorry about that. He can answer when he is in Vegas.
Message: Posted by: ScottLeavitt (Feb 22, 2005 12:52PM)
Nothing to appologize for Chichi711...not sure why bobser jumped all over you like that...
Message: Posted by: chichi711 (Feb 22, 2005 04:23PM)
I thought he was joking around.
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Feb 22, 2005 05:58PM)

No, it is you who deserve thanks. I caught your lecture in Portland
and it was fantastic. The material the you presented was both
amazing and practical. I love the format that you use for the first
half of your lecture, letting us see how some of the material fits
together in performance before going into "lecture mode."

Message: Posted by: rannie (Feb 22, 2005 09:54PM)
I will be in Vegas early May. Hope we could hook up there. All the best Steve! Anytime your in Asia please let me know so may book you for a stint in Manila. Thanks from all of us in the Café!