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Topic: #1 Reason for Bringing the Sweet & Sour Forum Back
Message: Posted by: R2 (Mar 1, 2005 10:50AM)
Many online dealers will charge your credit card and then place your items on backorder. This is primarily practiced on those new to magic. This policy should be highly discouraged. Those of us whom purchase from your sponsors via the banner links as well as from those dealers who don't, should be allowed to post our positive and negative experiences in all fairness to each other and those new to the magic community.

If you do not plan on bringing this forum back, I feel that it would be a nice gesture to be honest about it with those of us long time members and ex staffers.

Answering our queries with short responses and then quickly locking the topics seems a bit defensive.

Is this not open to discussion? IF it is not then please let me know and I will cease and desist from further commentary. I am only asking for your honesty?

Submitted with all due respect, ReyRey Puentes
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Mar 1, 2005 11:14AM)
Having returned to magic after a few years, I found 'Sweet and Sour' very useful resource when looking for reliable, online magic dealers.

I understand that some of the posts were downright nasty, and sometimes unwarranted but it was a useful forum.

Wouldn't disclaimers on such a topic, as to the Café's responsibility for individual posts, help avoid any problems from dealers?
Message: Posted by: Joe Mauro (Mar 1, 2005 11:51AM)
I found the forum quite helpful as well and would like to see it return or it fully explained why it's gone. If it is to protect some Café advertisersm then for integrity purposes, that should be explained. Everyone may not agree with it, but honesty is the best policy.
Message: Posted by: mrj (Mar 1, 2005 12:40PM)
On 2005-03-01 11:50, R2 wrote:

If you do not plan on bringing this forum back, I feel that it would be a nice gesture to be honest about it with those of us long time members and ex staffers.

Answering our queries with short responses and then quickly locking the topics seems a bit defensive.


I am only a guest here so I am certainly in no position to speak for the management, however, Steve has stated that Sweet or Sour will return ( http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=104337&forum=40&1 ).

Do you have any evidence that we are being misinformed? If not, why don't we give them a chance to bring it back as promised before we start to accuse Steve of being dishonest with us.

By the way, I also miss that forum very much and hope it will be back soon. It does get petty and inflamitory at times but there is some very valuable information there.

Message: Posted by: Don McCleod (Mar 1, 2005 03:49PM)
I totally agree Rey Rey. I would love to see Sweet or Sour return. Why the defensive attitude when anyone asks about it? It is a very valuable resource and I hope to see it return in it's entirety sometime soon.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Mar 1, 2005 04:03PM)
Perhaps because the question has already been asked and answered. It is clear that the matter is under consideration and a decision has not yet been finalized.
Message: Posted by: Winks (Mar 1, 2005 06:37PM)
The question has been asked, but not reasonably answered. Treat us like adults - which most of us are - give us the real reason(s) and possible resolutions. What has happened so far is just like a kid asking their parent "Why" and the parent answers "Because I said so."

I would like to know (a) why it was removed and (b) who if any among the advertisers put pressure to have it removed.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Mar 1, 2005 07:47PM)
Let me jump in here for just a minute. As founder and owner of the Magic Café, Steve does not have to explain or justify any actions he takes on his site. Contrary to what Winks may think, this is not treating members as children but simply exercising his right to change or amend the Café as he sees fit. If you read the rules concerning posting, it clearly states that they can be changed or amended at any time with no notice given. This applies to forums which are governed by those rules. This question has been asked multiple times by the same members and each time, it has been answered. Click here for a definitive post about what is happening. [url=http://themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=104337&forum=40&1]here[/url]. This is also the first sticky topic in this forum.

Basically it was removed as it was getting out of hand and posts were becoming more of an attack on dealers rather than a discussion about experiences which is what the forum was intended to be used for.

Is there a timetable for returning it. Steve has already answered by saying "No". That's pretty clear.

Why are the topics locked? The question has been asked and answered and it is not up for debate or discussion so there is no reason to leave the subjects open.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Mar 1, 2005 08:01PM)
Winks, it is not our business if any advertisers put pressure on the Café. Even *if* there was, that is between the Café and the advertisers.

It may be our desire to know, but it is not our business.

Good post, Dave.
Message: Posted by: Winks (Mar 1, 2005 10:10PM)
OK, OK, I surrender. Dave, thank you for a reasonable answer. To quote Chief Joseph, "I post no more on this forever."
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Mar 2, 2005 02:46AM)
Sorry guys, my intent was not to sound rude or defensive at all, I felt the forum needed a facelift and that is what it is getting, simple as that. The forum was removed and I answered the questions regarding its removal as direct as possible. The fact that the subject continues to surface even after I have answered the questions does bother me.

In addition to [b]The Magic Café[/b] I do have multiple projects going, plus personal responsibilities to deal with. That said, I try my best to answer any questions as quickly as possible. If the answers I give are not the ones you are looking for, I apologize. However (and again, not to sound rude) but last time I checked this was still my website. If I decide to make a few changes from time to time, then I am going to do so. I do not need any permission slip from the members. Please know and understand that any changes or additions to the Café are done with the best interest of the site and its membership at heart.

Having said all that, I appreciate the members we have here and hope that they appreciate the monumental task that we have behind the scenes and all the work that goes on each day to maintain this community. Thank you.