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Topic: Don Wayne's Dream Vision
Message: Posted by: PJMehta (Mar 3, 2005 06:25PM)

Recently, I have become really interested in Don Wayne's Dream Vision, but I'm not too sure how it works. I've seen DC perform it, but I'm still baffled. I know it utilizes a hidden assistant, but that's all I know. I would really like to know more, so if anyone could PM me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Magic Monkichi (Mar 3, 2005 06:46PM)
Sorry PJMehta;

But the Café is not the place to ask for the secrets behind the illusions. The Café is here to help those who already own illusions/tricks etc, to help devolope their routines and get the best out of them. If you are unsure as to the working, I am sure that you can find one (even a Mini Dream Vision) available somehwere. Just post on here and ask. You never know what you may find. But secrets will not be revealed here.

Magically yours,

Matt Kielbiski
Quick Change Artist
Message: Posted by: PJMehta (Mar 3, 2005 08:11PM)
You probably say that because this my first post to the magic Café, and you most likely want to avoid secrets like these to fall into the wrong hands: magic forum imposters, or something. I'm not the only one who's asked for workings behind illusions. The reason I ask is because I was interested in purchasing this illusion from Don Wayne himself for $2950. There are many members that have asked for this type of information through PM's, as well as offered to give insight to this type of info. If I was really that new to this, I would have just asked for it openly instead of asking to PM me.
Message: Posted by: Magic Monkichi (Mar 3, 2005 08:13PM)
I understand that. But at the same time, if you are asking for INSIGHT we are more than willing to provide that. The exact workings...no.

Message: Posted by: PJMehta (Mar 3, 2005 08:16PM)
Magic Monkichi,

Sorry to sound like chump.....thanks anyway for your help!
Message: Posted by: RSD (Mar 4, 2005 09:02AM)
Perhaps I am confused.

Yes secrets and inner workings are revealed here. You have access to post such questions and answers in the Secret Sessions part of this forum. You will have acess to that area once you have 50+ valid posts. So I don't think you sound like a chump, we all got over anxious when we first get on here. Start offering your opinions and suggestions on other threads and before you know it you will be qualified.
Message: Posted by: Enigma3613 (Mar 4, 2005 12:37PM)
I've never heard of Dream Vision. Last time I saw Copperfield was Fall of 2003, is this effect new to his show? Can anyone describe the trick to me? I don't care about the method, I just like to keep up to date on the tricks DC is using.
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 4, 2005 01:24PM)
Its not Copperfields new illusion. Its a very old one. Near the statue of liberty series period. It was on the special where he does the duck cannon illusion and impaled illusion. Hope you remember. Basically he invites a girl on stage and asks her to dream that shes out on a date. He then makes her weave a story of what they did on the date, where they went etc. All off the cuff. Throughout the effect theres a black board standing behind them in full view. When she finishes her story he uncovers the blackboard and on it is the same dream saying "i met this girl at such and such a place. She was wearing ______color clothes......we went out to ______ and kissed good bye at ___________ street etc".

Nice effect but not that powerful. because it involves only one girl and just her imagination. Many people will suspect her to be an accomplice, even though shes picked by throwing a rose into the audience.

Mehta > firstly this is a very expensive effect. You are a new user so definitely its not gonna be easy to just walk in and ask for the keys. LOL. Ull have to put some work into it. But basically if you can afford an effect like this from don wayne. Im sure you are of some stature in the magic industry. Now why would someone who can afford something like this from Don Wayne be asking for clarifications on the magic Café ?. Please don't get me wrong I'm trying to think aloud as other members will be thinking now. About completing 50 posts and getting into the secret forum...LOL...nice try. Give it a shot. RSD was trying to be optimistic there. They don't give you the keys even in that forum. Try asking for a secret directly on the Secret Sessions. Unless you make some good friends here your not gonna get anywhere. And if you can afford it. Then why not ask Don Wayne himself. Im sure a man of his position wont let you down with false info. Finally I really doubt you should buy something so expensive when you don't even know the bare workings. You should know that you need an expert team to pull it off. And if you had such a team etc you would have guessed the complete working of the illusion on the 3rd veiwing of the illusion (like I did when I was a KID). Its not that tough an illusion to guess. It has some very obvious answers in the performance itself that any magician with at least average knowledge will figure out. But don't expect to walk into the secret forum and ask for a secret. Though it was meant for that. It doesn't happen. you'll be lucky if you got some nostradamic riddled answers. LOL ...best of luck anyway.

Can I give you a real secret Mehta....


Just keep breaking your head on it. Almost all of the secrets to illusions can be cracked within your own mind. Im serious. Think logically. that's the way I learned most of my magic. With no mentor at all. Suddenly one day ull find the answer popping into your head outta nowhere.
Message: Posted by: PJMehta (Mar 5, 2005 12:36AM)
I found out the answer....thanks for all your guys' help.

Oh yeah, and plainman007, no need to push the fact that you figured out how the illusion works when you were "a KID." Sometimes, regardless of how experienced you may be, there are some things that you may have trouble discovering. So ease off. I got the point about not revealing secrets on this forum, so there is no need to continue replying to this topic.
Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Mar 5, 2005 08:20AM)
I worked with an illusion show that toured with a Don Wayne Dream Vision back in the mid-90's. I was really excited when we got it in, because it had been my favorite prediction effect I had ever seen.

Still love the effect to this day, but will most likely never add one to my show. For one reason, the need of an assistant to pull it off. I don't always perform with an assistant. Secondly, you will need at least a small U-Haul or very large van to transport this effect. Until we traveled with a large spike escape that were 3 large ATA cases, Dream Vision was one of the largest cases in our inventory. Thirdly, this is not your living room parlor effect. You will need a stage or at least a platform with wings to pull this off. If you aren't regularly performing on a stage, that this effect is a huge investment to sit in storage and to be used once or twice a year.

Luckily thanks to Don Wayne, and Larry Becker, I have the opportunity to perform a 12 minute routine loosely based on Dream Vision that can be peformed absoultely anywhere and plays much bigger. (then again, it was 7 years in development).
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 6, 2005 10:32AM)
Im sorry PJ. About finding out the method when I was very young, that was only an example to specify how easy the technique was. Any good performer would have found it out when they were kids. It doesn't make me special. Im surprised you found it so easily AFTER being told that you could find it out by seeing the video. Maybe I inspired you to LOOK, heh. Regarding easing off. I wasnt on your back in the first place. This is an open forum where we can all share our opinions. You shouldnt have posted such a silly question if you didn't want to hear replies. Get your entire post removed if you don't want honest replies, rather than screaming at someone who was trying to help.
Message: Posted by: magicmanfrank (Mar 9, 2005 01:29AM)
Michael is right!

I owned one of these back in the late '80's/Early '90's and BOY was it a BIG CASE!

Great Trick, but BIG CASE!!!
Message: Posted by: Autumn Morning Star (Mar 9, 2005 09:15AM)
If the case was that big, I would have expected a whole lot more from that effect! "Packs Big" really needs to "Play Big" for the effort involved in hauling, set up, strike, etc, etc. This illusion is ok, but I agree with Plainman007, most will think you have a plant in the audience. More of a filler illusion. Pricy for the effect, but as illusions go, it is not that expensive.
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 9, 2005 12:13PM)
Right said Morning Star. Its nice to know someone thinks on the same lines. Like you say. Its not worth that much of investment. I know a few effects off the cuff which can give the same effect or even stronger without investing in so much. Thinking about it. I feel David Copperfields Graffiti Wall had a better imapct and entertainment value than this one. And its more convincing because of the multiple spectator involvement. What do you say Morning Star ?
Message: Posted by: Autumn Morning Star (Mar 10, 2005 06:08AM)
I agree with you, Plainsman007. The Graffiti Wall is a much stronger effect. Anytime you involve spectators the magic is validated to a greater degree. There are common elements between the Graffiti Wall Prediction and Don Wayne's Dream Vision. Is Graffiti Wall a Johnny Gaughn creation?

Graffiti Wall, if I remember correctly, was from his 1992 Flying Special, so for the layperson, the flying pretty much overshadowed everything else.
Message: Posted by: magicman414 (Mar 10, 2005 06:14AM)
Morning star, Could you look at my dove post I cant pm you and had a question
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 10, 2005 10:53AM)
Hi Morning Star. I don't know if Gaughan Invented or put together Grafitti Wall. But like you said and I was trying to emphasize. The audience pick seems to be cleaner. And gives the real randomness feel. Its a killer version of Dream Vision. More hep and slick too. If you wanna talk more about the inside work on it. Pm me. Take Care. Bye.
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Mar 10, 2005 10:55AM)
That is a Don Waynes effect.

Message: Posted by: Terry Holley (Mar 12, 2005 08:06PM)
On 2005-03-09 10:15, MorningStar wrote:
This illusion is ok, but I agree with Plainman007, most will think you have a plant in the audience.

Plainman007 and MorningStar:

I'm interested in your statement about the audience thinking that this effect calls for a "pl**t." If this is your belief on this one effect, what do you feel about mentalism as a whole?

Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 13, 2005 11:01AM)
Hi Terry, I absolutely don't feel this way about all mental effects. I know mentalism has its own killers. What we (morning star & me) felt was that that particualr effct feels weak. It probably carried off only because it had Copperfield. Basically a one person mind reading effect that is so accurate and strong will have to look like a set up. In grafitti wall the brick is thrown several times. You can con once. Maybe twice. Not over and over with different spectators. Its more like reading the entire audiences minds in ADVANCE. The craziest thing is reading minds that have not even arrived to the show. LOL.
Message: Posted by: Autumn Morning Star (Mar 15, 2005 05:19AM)
Terry, I agree with Plainman007. The repetition and variety of "players" makes Grafitti Wall a much stronger effect. Consider the mind reading effect where you, "Pick a random number, add, touch the screen of your television, subtract, blah, blah, touch the TV screen again, eat three goldfish crackers, divide by two, pick our nose, and we all end up on (what is it) the moon?"

Magicians (and probably mentalists) are so jaded, we cannot help but cringe at this effect, for what we believe is its "transparancy" regarding technique. Yet, layperson after layperson remembers this effect and relates it to me with awe (aarg!). Most laypeople probably compare notes the next morning at the watercooler after a Copperfield special. They all are blown away because each individual had the same result.

Well, except for those folks like me who, "Add our random number incorrectly, touch the screen of our tv, subtract wrong, blah, blah, eat all the goldfish crackers, touch the screen again, divide by ten, scratch our A$*, and end up on Pluto." :)
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 15, 2005 11:13AM)
HAHAHAHAHA....Your super, Morningstar. A very humorous but true psychological evaluation of the apparent transparency of methodology inherent in some effects. The wisest of them all add half, subtract their age, scratch A**, preferably their own, and land up with their finger on the OFF Switch.

By the way what category of magic do you specialize in Morningstar ?
Message: Posted by: Autumn Morning Star (Mar 15, 2005 03:46PM)
Rather witty yourself, Plainman007! Glad you got a laugh. I am a magician full-time. I do a mid-size show and a grand illusion show with a cast of four or more. You can see my website at: http://www.magicmorningstar.com

I started like most folks with close-up. I am fine with coins, lousy with cards. I still keep something in my pocket at all times but do not hire out for close-up shows anymore.
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Mar 17, 2005 01:45PM)
I saw your site morning star. Very impressive. I wanted to give you my site but there seems to be no PM button for you. I think you mustve deactivated it or something. Im into large scale illusions too.
Message: Posted by: magic 12376 (Mar 28, 2005 06:42PM)
I am posting this in response to the idea that Dream Vision comes off as using an audience plant. As in Grafitti Wall, an object is thrown around the audience several times to choose a spectator to assist with the illusion. In David Copperfields performance it was a rose and can be seen on the escape from Alcatraze special. The rose is thrown three times the third spectator to catch said rose assisting with the illusion. I respectfully disagree that Dream Vision is in some way an inferior mental effect. I also think that Dream Vision and Grafitti Wall each stand on their own merrit. Both are fantastic effects.

Ronald R. Romiski
Message: Posted by: Oliver - Twist (Mar 30, 2005 03:41AM)
As Ronald said, both effects (Grafitti Wall and Dream Vision) stand on their own merrit.
The real secret is the audience emotion involved. Dream Vision for the privat emotions impact of one person thaughts and Grafitti Wall due to the fact that everyone could relate to the thing knowing the Berlin Wall and grafittis.
As long as you can capture the emotions of an audience and make them relate to something common and well known you're a winner.
Message: Posted by: Comet (Apr 10, 2005 07:11AM)
I have a friend who just got a used Dream Vivion yesterday. he's used this one several times and I have to say the way he is doing this is just about the best I've seen. it get's a huge reaction from his audiences. it's all in the presentation. I do have to agree though. I had NO idea the darn thing packed so big LOL. good thing he had a nice size trailer.
Joe Comet

Ok, after re-reading my post and after seeing how quick some are at picking up things I need to correct something in the post. I said "I have a friend who just got a used Dream Vivion yesterday. he's used this one several times and I have to say the way he is doing this is just about the best I've seen."
How could he have used it several times if he just got it yesterday you may ask??? well I'll tell you LOL. He just paid for it and took it to his warehouse yesterday. He's used this same illusion for several of his shows now and the Magician he was renting it from decided to sell it so he jumped on the chance. WHEW there we go. I Love the Magic Café but I've seen weak men whimper when someone saw something in a post that didn't look right and pounced on them LOL>
enjoy !!
Joe Comet
Message: Posted by: maiglesias (Jul 8, 2005 09:39AM)
My understanding is that Dream Vision was created by Andre Kole and marketed by Don Wayne.
Message: Posted by: Bill Blagg III (Jul 8, 2005 12:31PM)
The effect was created by Don Wayne. However Andre did offer a different suggestion for part of the method Don had come up with. This was back when Don and Andre were both consulting on DC's specials. Since Don decided to use Andre's suggestion he also decided to give Andre' credit on the illusion. So I guess you could say Don created it and Andre' enhanced it.
Message: Posted by: maiglesias (Jul 11, 2005 09:59AM)
Thanks for the clarification.
Message: Posted by: WayneNZ (Aug 13, 2005 03:28AM)
Does Don Wayne have a product page up on the web ?