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Topic: Funny and goofy jackets and suits
Message: Posted by: Dario (Mar 6, 2005 01:42AM)
Does anybody know somw web site where buy funny and goofy jackets,suits and trousers?
(ala Mac king or something with colors for example...)

Message: Posted by: olivertwist (Mar 10, 2005 02:37AM)
I got a great-looking Clown Tux from a seller named performancejackets on ebay. He makes great costumes. You can search his listings by name.

Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Mar 10, 2005 08:27PM)
..or the thrift store.
Message: Posted by: Doc Pepper (Mar 12, 2005 04:22AM)
For my character (Doc Pepper) my wife made me a lab coat with big pockets. The material is large jalapenos... see my picture... ;-) Doc
Message: Posted by: oagwood (Mar 17, 2005 11:26PM)
I got a great zoot suit coat a few years back from jc penny right off the rack, I wear it all the time. I think they have a website where they dump all their discontinued items.

Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Mar 18, 2005 12:19AM)
You can go to any mens store and order a jacket in many different colors. That is what I did with the bright blue jacket I am wearing in my avatar.
They will be able to pull out a fabric book from the manufacturer with every fabric and color available. Just check. You will be suprised and some of the "gawdy" colors they use that could be perfect. Like Bright red, blue, yellow, purple etc,...
Message: Posted by: alekei (Mar 19, 2005 06:23PM)
Try this one: