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Topic: Simply Harkey
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Sep 26, 2002 03:14PM)
Simply Harkey
Want a comment or some kind of review of this book!

The magical expressions of David Harkey are meticulously arranged ice gems in a timepiece-then set in motion for the time of your life.

Enter a world where it is possible to visibly pass a borrowed ring through your finger. Draw a desert scene on white paper and make an oasis appear like a mirage. Pull off your shoe and watch it shrink to a baby shoe. Make a plain bookmark visibly migrate from the first to last page of a borrowed book.

Shape clay, coins, watches, silverware, balloons, bills, rubber bands, party poppers, salt shakers, soda cans, keys, matches, sugar packets, billiard balls - and a whole array of other images - to form magical expressions of your own. This oversized hardcover book contains sixty routines and five hundred fifty line drawings. It's full color satin-cream dust jacket with varnish and embossing, Ivory matte paper and textured speckle-tone end sheets display the obvious care that went into this volume both in content and form. For any magician who performs or practices the art of close up magic, this is the book you have been waiting for!
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Sep 26, 2002 04:35PM)
This book is great, and has a high emphasis on originality and imagination!

Highly recommended!

The oasis effect is one of the few truly beautiful effects in magic - you draw a desert scene with a sun, then turn it over. You then hold a lighter underneath the picture - not close enough to light it on fire, but just enough to see the picture through the card, along with a mysterious oasis which has appeared somehow! The flame is an excellent way to see the pictures, as it flickers and adds to the mirage nature, as well as adding to the "heat" of the desert image.

As the emphasis is on imagination, there are tricks of varying levels of ability. Some you'll be doing in five minutes, others you may never master.

There's a great variety of effects in here, using all sorts of props. Even the few card effects in this book are not the normal type of effects usually seen with cards.

If you like the unique thinking of Paul Harris, you'll enjoy another far-out thinker with David Harkey. I also reccomend his more recent book "AH-HA!", written with Eric Anderson. I do a slightly modified version of "Outsmart" that doesn't require a prompter. ;)
Message: Posted by: jasonchr (Feb 20, 2003 09:35PM)

I was glad to find someone else who enjoyed Simply Harkey as much as I did. It was a very inspirational book. Would you mind sharing the modifications you made to Outsmart? I have considered performing this, but wasn't quite sure how it would play. I would love to hear your experiences.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 21, 2003 01:24AM)
There is another topic on this same book in this same forum. Please direct any further comments there.