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Topic: The Kids!!!
Message: Posted by: mb5191 (Mar 13, 2005 09:09AM)
I know a bazillion of these "bad kid" stories have been posted but this is absolutly insane. I was performing at my sister's birthday at my aunts house. When we got there I realized that my two little cousins were there. So I bring my stuff in and instantly the ran to me and clung to me like saran wrap. I tried to get them off me by saying "I have a magic show, but in order to see it you can follow me." That worked for mabe a nano second. I set up my things and set up boundry lines that they cannot go past. Instantly when I started they ran up grabbed my things off the table and playing with things in my Chest-o-tricks. I would tell them you cant do that when I'm performing. As soon as I would turn back there they were messing everything up. Heres the best part there mom just wached and laughed as they started to destroy everything! Not so much as a "please come back"or "don't do that when Max is performing" My magic show was completly ruined that day because all of my carfully prepaired props were un carfully taken apart by the little monsters. Now I'll let you know that these little devils are knowm for there 'badness'and are always breaking things. They never know when to stop or even listen to you at all. In the future how can I prevent this if the parents don't listen and nor do the kids!? :angry:
Message: Posted by: Erich Troudt (Mar 13, 2005 12:04PM)
Very simple, don't go on. Once you set up the rules and boundries, if the kids break them, simply stop. If you ask the parents for help, and they don't, simply stop. If you quit at the first sign of serious trouble, they may realize how important it is to behave. They may not, and you just may have to abort the show.

Your line line asks how to avoid this in the future. Its hard to comment too much because we don't know the whole story. Did you do the show for free because its family? Often performing in a free show for anyone causes peoples respect level drop. People tend to behave, be more involved, and take a show (or anything) more seriously when they actually pay for it.

How is your show set up? Years ago when I did birthday parties, a prop came out of the trunk, was used, and went back in when it was done. Nothing sat out where kids could get ahold of it. Last trick goes in the box, everythings clean, I can leave.

Your set boundry lines is a practical method, you just have to have consequences in place for those that don't enforce them. Also, if you knew those certain kids were monsters, you should have had a game plan of what to do about it. Do be afraid to make them separate from each other, sit next to an adult, etc.

Without knowing your skill level, structure of you show, and your confidence level its hard to answer how you can avoid this in the future. Hey, maybe it was just a bad audience....everyone has them sometimes. Its nice to see that you want to learn from it though.

Hey, sorry about your show, hopefully your next audience will rock.
Message: Posted by: Jonace (Jun 15, 2005 02:30AM)
Loved the story and the tips :D
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Oct 2, 2005 04:09PM)
My mother took sis and I to several magic shows as children and we behaved appropriately and had a heck of a good time. For those acting otherwise, a radical approach is sometimes helpful, but most importantly, for the frustrated performer, fun and oh so very satisfying.

Someone has already suggested not beginning the show until the rules are observed. That's a good idea.

Yeah sounds like you had a group of Hellions for an audience.

There's a great solution here and it's free!:


The other is while the mob is doing it's thing, pop the leader with a HIDDEN rubber band (yes there is always a leader in a mob of kids). The further back you pull on the band the better.
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Oct 3, 2005 01:49AM)
Two words: Air horn. One more word - hidden. Why bother with those namby-pamby squeaker gimmicks? If a kid is giving you grief, let him have it in the eardrums with a good, solid blast from your hidden air horn! Especially good for the "prop grabbers."

Kid grabs prop, air horn goes off, you look at the kid and say, "See? you set off the alarm! I just hope the cops don't show up!"

The shock shuts him (or her!) up, the crowd loves the surprise and the parents get the hint.

Use with caution.

Lee Darrow, C.H.