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Topic: Ball holder and Costume
Message: Posted by: armagician (Mar 31, 2005 06:29PM)
I just got some nice ball holders for my multiplying ball routine. I like to wear a vest in all of my shows and I pin the holder under the vest. I donít perform the act until the middle of my show and donít want to wear these holders around throughout the show. Without moving the act to the beginning of my show how else could I solve this problem? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 31, 2005 06:32PM)
Change vest during your act.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Mar 31, 2005 07:05PM)
Exactly. Either change vests or change jackets. In my stage show. I go into different characters to tell different stories in the show. For this, I have a coat rack on stage that holds different jacketsm hats etc. It is easy for me to change jackets as music plays and I am leading them into the next segment. This jacket is loaded with my cards and balls and I am all set to go at a moments notice anytime in the show.

Message: Posted by: Excaliber (Apr 1, 2005 10:35AM)
I agree with the vest change or at the start of your show only wear a Jacket,or only have your shirt on ( of course don't forget your pants) Then change to a vest . All acts should a begining ,middle and end (climax ) having this it will only add to your act with costume changes.

Myself I got away from those holders in my act . And simply use my pants pockets to hold additional balls . with the right misdirection and the flow of my billiard ball routine it works just fine . Remember sometimes the KISS rule applies KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. THE STUPID part applys to me . good luck
Message: Posted by: n3cromanc3r (Apr 1, 2005 11:00AM)
Have two vests that look the same, change into the other one during the show. No one will know.
Message: Posted by: armagician (Apr 3, 2005 01:34PM)
Thanks for all of your help.