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Topic: Fakini Balls
Message: Posted by: coolleprechaun (Apr 1, 2005 02:55PM)
I want to order a set of Fakinis but I cant really afford the 2 inch set so I'm thinking about the Fakini Golf Ball Set. Do the balls in the Fakini Golf Ball Set have the little grooves like a real golf ball or are they silicone rubber like the other ones. Any help would be great.
Message: Posted by: GrahamFishman (Apr 1, 2005 03:30PM)
Try the fakini balls that are 1 3/4 inches(that is what I use) I believe hanklee.com has them for about $70. That is where I got my 3 sets.

ps. I LOVE THEM!!!!

hope this helps
Graham Fishman

Here is a link


Graham Fishman
Message: Posted by: coolleprechaun (Apr 1, 2005 03:39PM)
Thanks. I have one question. The red ones look more pinkish and red is the color that I want. Does it just look like they're pink or are they?
Message: Posted by: GrahamFishman (Apr 1, 2005 03:59PM)
I own 2 sets of white and a red set and the red set is UGLY!!!!! don't get red anyway white is much more visible. you can also call also call house of fakini and buy single balls so you can do color changes.

graham fishman
Message: Posted by: coolleprechaun (Apr 1, 2005 04:02PM)
I would get white its just that for my act I kinda have to use red so right now I'm using the multiplying sponge balls but they're pretty bad. How ugly are the red ones. Are they pink like they look in the picture on hanklee.com?
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Apr 1, 2005 05:26PM)
If you neec color balls, do not spend a fprtune on them. I simply go to my local toy shop and buy 1 3/4 inch super bouncy balls. They come in a variety of colors and are the same size as my Fakinis. From the stage, the colors look great and they handle very well also. It is a great way to do color changes etc. without the exspense. Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 1, 2005 05:29PM)
I have a compete set of Multiplying Golf balls, diminishing ball, flash 4, and Jumbo Golf ball made by Fakini. They have the little dimples in them just like real golf balls. All white. I will sell the complete set for $150 plus postage. PM me if interested.

Fakini recently came out with a red ball check out Stevens Magic to look at them. That is: http://www.stevensmagic.com

Fakini has 'dayglow' colors also.
Message: Posted by: coolleprechaun (Apr 1, 2005 06:11PM)
Does anyone know if the "Rocket Red" ones are nice vivid red.
Kyle, the only problem with that is I do a multiplying ball roputine so I need the s****. Thanks anyway.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Apr 1, 2005 07:54PM)
I gotcha. I just do my routine with white and then do color changes within the routine.

Message: Posted by: coolleprechaun (Apr 2, 2005 01:21PM)
If anyone knows what the rocket red balls look like because there's no picture of it at stevensmagic it would be great if you could tell me.
Thanks everyone.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Apr 2, 2005 06:08PM)
Yeh, I never did like the color of the red balls I have seen. That is why I use the white Fakinis and then go into color changes just using regular 1 3/4 inch colored bouncy balls. They have viubrant colors I like and work wello for color changes etc.
Message: Posted by: Micheal Leath (Apr 3, 2005 12:29AM)
There are actually some now that are red & not the pinkish color they used to be. I think there used to be a picture on Steven's website.
Message: Posted by: jErMZ (Apr 17, 2005 12:59AM)
Why fakini doesn't have flash 4 for normal 1 3/4 inch billard balls? I only saw golf balls that have ball-o-matic.,. need help.,. any link?
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Apr 17, 2005 12:55PM)
Check with denny and lee, they carry flash fours for 1 3/4" fakini's. Might not be in stock but he can put a set on hold when they do come in.
Message: Posted by: jErMZ (Apr 20, 2005 10:17PM)
Thanks Scot~

denny & lee has a good stock of Fakini's didn't noe that.,. thx~!!!
Message: Posted by: kregg (Apr 21, 2005 07:07AM)
Years back, I spoke with Frank about why red Fakini's are hot pink instead of red and was told that too much pigment weakens the silicone. If I do a color change, I use a different type ball altogether.

Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Apr 21, 2005 09:33AM)
I use the 1 3/4 inch white Fakini golf balls and they are great. The dimples with the golf balls even give you more grip (not that you would need them with the Fakinis). For the color changes, I simply use the yellow golf balls provided by Empire magic. I think they are only $8 for a set. They have a completely different feel than the Fakini's and that's what I like about them. When I go to my pocket or my hat, I don't have to look for the ball - I can feel the difference.

Although many web sites offer Fakinis for sale, don't be surprised if they are actually out of stock. Everyone waits paitently for Frank to ship his products, but they are well worth the wait.

I've had my name on Denny's back order list for quite a while now, looking to get the Fakini flash 4 and Jumbo Golf Ball.

Message: Posted by: Cameron (Apr 21, 2005 01:16PM)
I feel luckey seeing he lives like less then 5 miles from me hehe =) Cant wait to order some balls from him for bounce juggling =)
Message: Posted by: jErMZ (Apr 21, 2005 11:31PM)
I also own a set of fakini's 1 3/4 inch.,. and I am thinking of moving on to 2 inch.,. and I wonder has anyone seen the rocket red yet? because I wanna know if its really rocket red.,. anyone care to share their billard ball videos with me? haha.,. feel free.,.