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Topic: Young mens pants
Message: Posted by: onezero1 (Apr 7, 2005 04:37AM)
Hey, y'know Combats? Those army type pants with the pockets on the legs for all your ammo or whatever. A lot of young people wear combats and I bet a lot of young magicians (by young I mean anywhere between 10 - 29)are aware of the covert pochette revival, a.k.a the dual leg servante.

The dual servante may be raised or lowered according to length of arm and position of hand by wearing the pants "properly" or for the latter "coffee house slackerie".

I retain all television performance rights to making things vanish by putting them in my pockets...
I jest. I do actually use combat pockets to ditch palmed items, tucking the flap into the pocket creates a nice gap+slide and a little tissue paper (or a silk even!)
in the bottom of the pocket prevents any chit chat from the props.

p.s Geeks, yes I know a servante would allow you to retrive items as well. don't burst my bubble.