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Topic: User friendly performance video reviews
Message: Posted by: John Pendleton (Apr 10, 2005 02:19PM)
Hi - I'm sure if this is an ancient idea it will get deleted, do here goes...

How about slightly different type of post, specifically for folk submitting videos of their own performance for comment. I'm thinking of the case where the poster re-submits several times, there are a host of comments / pointers / advise. The thread can become unwieldy, hard to wade through before posting, and so a bit stagnant.

The poster - I guess - would keep the video on their own web-space, but the new post type would link to it easily. A summary of still relevant comments could greet you like a sticky message, and the poster could be in charge of what's still relevant - so no extra mod' overhead ?

It would be nice to search for advice in a particular forum (with say "wand spin" & flash), or look at highly rated postings... maybe...

Actual posts could follow on from the summary section....?

Something like that anyhow, just to get the idea flowing...
Message: Posted by: Cao314159 (Apr 11, 2005 03:04AM)
There are already a few sites that do just this.....MVD is a large community where videos can be posted and comments made. I personally don't hang around there much, but you might find it a valuable resourse. The Magic Café is mostly a discussion forum. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Apr 11, 2005 03:18AM)
Although I sincerely appreciate you posting your idea, the concept of members showcasing their own videos has been discussed in the past and we currently have no plans to add such a feature on the Café.

As member [b]Cao314159[/b] has pointed out, we are mainly a discussion forum.
However, I would suggest that you check out [url=http://www.magicvideodepot.com]The Magic Video Depot[/url], as they specialize in folks sharing their home brewed videos. Thanks for participating. :)