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Topic: Andruzzi levitation
Message: Posted by: Atown88 (Apr 15, 2005 08:11PM)
Hey I guys I cant see to do the andruzzi. I don't know if its because my toes aren't strong enough or whatever. What do you think.

Message: Posted by: Dave V (Apr 16, 2005 11:11AM)
I think you might have meant "Balducci."
Message: Posted by: Atown88 (Apr 16, 2005 11:25AM)
Nope I kno the balducci.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Apr 16, 2005 01:24PM)
Andruzzi Ascending? It's basically a gaffed Balducci, right? The only thing I can offer is to just practice the Balducci barefoot until your muscles strengthen.
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Apr 26, 2005 09:18PM)
I didn't know the bizarre magi levitated-interesting!