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Topic: Europe 2005
Message: Posted by: malini (Apr 16, 2005 07:57PM)
Anyone else doing the Europe Street Festivals this year?

Message: Posted by: cstreet_1986 (Apr 16, 2005 08:15PM)
When and where?

Message: Posted by: malini (Apr 16, 2005 08:35PM)
Well, everywhere really. Big festivals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, Holland, etc... Across June/July/August.
Message: Posted by: Burrich (Apr 16, 2005 08:43PM)
Not Ireland though...sigh
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 16, 2005 09:40PM)

What the hell, man? You have huge music festivals in the west all summer long. People will pay to do something other than sit in an over crowded pub all day. The musicians won't tip, but the spectators sure will.

Message: Posted by: Arkadia (Apr 17, 2005 09:00AM)
Me and a friend will try out Ströget in Coppenhagen this summer. Not much of a festival but anyway.

Message: Posted by: Roland Henning (Apr 17, 2005 09:37AM)
Kieler Woche, biggest sailing turn in the world. I'll be there.
Message: Posted by: Burrich (Apr 17, 2005 10:57AM)
TBH I never really even thought about performing at one of these Mark. I wouldn't even know where to start. I've never done street magic before.
Message: Posted by: Zack (Apr 17, 2005 11:09AM)
Malini: Is there a centralized list of the times and locations of the Euro fewstival circuit?

You could do all of us a solid here...fill us in, man!
Message: Posted by: cstreet_1986 (Apr 17, 2005 01:54PM)
Cheers, Zack, just about to ask the same thing... details are what we need. I have never been to a festival before, and it would be great to try it.

Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 17, 2005 02:05PM)
Well, Steven, now's the time my friend . . . head to Miltown Malbay in mid-June (Willie Clancy week). . . bring your cups and a table and set up right in the middle of town. You'll learn fast. And you'll either love it or hate it. You'll never know til you get out there.

Message: Posted by: Burrich (Apr 17, 2005 04:08PM)
LOL... but I know nothing about street performing.

Do you do the trick once for a crowd and then pack up?
Do you do the same trick over and over again?
Should you have a good few different tricks that are easily visible (eg. cups and balls, linking rings etc.)?

I really know absolutely nothing about street performing.
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 17, 2005 04:46PM)
Hmmmmm. . . uh. . . okay. . . read Gazzo, Cellini. . . then get out there and do it. Look, I'm still pretty darn new to all of this myself, but you'll never learn if you don't get out there.


PS So where are you in Ireland. I just got back from a week in Ennis.
Message: Posted by: Burrich (Apr 17, 2005 05:05PM)
I live up in Monaghan. It's next to the border with N. Ireland. It's a small enough town. Good few night clubs and pubs. Then again where in Ireland doesn't.

I'm going to the IBM Dublin convention at the end of the month so that will be my first interaction with other magicians. I'm really looking forward to it.

I've been back and forth over whether or not to get the three books by Gazzo on street work (the one-liners, cups and balls and krowd keeping). I suppose I should just buy them.
Message: Posted by: mslj (Apr 17, 2005 05:12PM)
Go to Magicpitch.com and buy them. Also take a look at his lecture DVD which is an informal introduction to all things street.
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 17, 2005 05:38PM)
Your money will be well spent. . . I promise.

Message: Posted by: cstreet_1986 (Apr 17, 2005 06:40PM)
Mark, do you have any details on the where and when these festivals are taking place. I've never been to one, but would love to try it out.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Apr 17, 2005 07:19PM)
And you would do well to search this forum. It is full of answers to questions that you don't even know you should be asking yet. ;)

Every important topic is covered here somewhere.

Message: Posted by: malini (Apr 18, 2005 01:50AM)
It might be a little late to get officially booked for most of the upcoming Festivals. I'm not sure, really... We sent away show promo material two months ago, and most tend to confirm in April.
Certainly if you’re not based in Europe somewhere, you might have to do a fair few Festivals to come out with $$$$.

Doing mainly circle shows and am flying over that side of the world mid June.

Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 18, 2005 07:06AM)

I don't have a list, but if you go by an Irish tourist office they will. By the by, I'm not talking about being booked to perform but busking during the music festival.

Message: Posted by: cstreet_1986 (Apr 19, 2005 06:28AM)
I'm guessing there isn't a list somewhere for the dates of these festivals in Europe?

Message: Posted by: Roland Henning (Apr 19, 2005 06:51AM)
There are lists, but those are far from being complete.

During Summer almost all cities and villages in Europe are celebrating some kind of festival. So the number would go into the range of 10.000 and up.

And the strange thing is. A small cities festival can bring as much money as a big major city festival. During the smaller festival the working conditions are usually better.

mmG Roland
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Apr 19, 2005 12:33PM)
Message: Posted by: cstreet_1986 (Apr 19, 2005 12:35PM)
Ok, is it possible for anyone to name a number of festivals? Even if it is only two or three that you can name, that would be helpful
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Apr 20, 2005 06:25AM)
For lists try (UK) Showmans Directory. Events Directory.Festival Eye. Or web Fairies . com (Spelling) or Glastonbury Festival site for links.
Message: Posted by: cstreet_1986 (Apr 20, 2005 08:50AM)
Thanks a lot Kondini
Message: Posted by: Zack (Apr 27, 2005 10:28PM)
Way to go Kondini!