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Topic: Fule idears?
Message: Posted by: TAIT (Apr 17, 2005 10:20AM)
Hi I have plans for a new act fire glass walking but I cant get the glass to light so do any of you have good fule idears? I have used lighter fuel
Message: Posted by: Mad Mat (Apr 18, 2005 12:43PM)
Use meth, that should give you a blue flame, unfortuantly its almost invisibel.
Message: Posted by: jennieprice (Apr 19, 2005 01:34AM)
Now that you seem to be an expert advisor, why not share your knowledge so that when TAIT gets out of the burn centre, he'll have a reference.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 19, 2005 09:43AM)
Adding fire to the glass walk adds nothing to the performance value to the routine! What you can plan on is getting burned and cut! The audience will not appreciate on whit your added danger.

Frankly, if you want to walk on glass then walk on glass. Donít muddy up the routine trying to add an extra element.

If you want to walk on fire (which is really walking on hot coals) then learn to walk on fire/coals. Donít muddy up that routine either.

My advice is to forget combining it.

Mad Mat was being his usual non-helpful self. He was trying to be funny (and as usual doesnít have the wit to pull it off!). The one thing you learn around here is who has knowledge and can help and who cannot. Trying reading his past dozen posts and you find that he has offered little to nothing to his board.
Message: Posted by: TAIT (Apr 19, 2005 12:31PM)
Ok yes I thick I will scrap the idear its just I do everyihing you can do on glass so I just whanted to add fire.yes you ar right it is a good act no need fore it.I do no how to do fire walking I just havent done it yet.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 19, 2005 12:39PM)
A good glass walking act will more than blow an audience away.

If you want to play with fire then learn a strong fire eating/breathing act.
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Apr 20, 2005 12:26PM)
However... you might be able to simulate "fire" glass by using small red lights or leds intersparsed among the glass shards. No fuel necessary. It can be a pretty convincing effect, I've seen it done with a barbecue grill.
This is funny, have a peek:
Message: Posted by: Glenn Alloway (Apr 21, 2005 01:19PM)
Thanks for the excellent resource Mystician. This is one of the coolest webpages I've been to in along time.

I think Mystician is on the right track, but I would use a combination of both ideas. To make the effect more convincing, I would use a small amount real lighter fluid to "light the glass." You would see the the quick flare up, and the fire would burn out and cool in a short period of time (maybe 30 seconds to one minute.) When the fire is lighting, I would turn on the glowing ember lights (maybe on a dimmer switch?). This way the audience sees you light the glass and then sees the glass heat up red hot. When really by this point you are walking on nothing but "safe cool glass." I thinking using the realy heat from the fire, will add a huge amount of the realism quality to your effect.

It will take some experimentation, but this would be a "safer" and very convincing way to walk on red hot glowing shards of glass.