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Topic: Source for over the phone impromptu magic
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Apr 21, 2005 02:13PM)
Anyone with some cool impromptu telephone effects, or a place to find them?
Message: Posted by: GraemeCraig (Apr 21, 2005 03:58PM)
Banachek has a great phone effect called Number Reversal on his PSI Series, Volume 2 DVD.
Hope this helps.

EDIT: Also, it is completely impromptu and can be repeated.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Apr 21, 2005 10:58PM)
Yikes! I think that I sold that one. I still have number 3, but that doesn't help. Maybe it was number one that I had since I don't remember any phone tricks..... Was it the one with his version of Bank Night? I took notes on that one.
Message: Posted by: Sam Tabar (Apr 21, 2005 11:37PM)
Check out Magic For Dummies', The Telephone Trick I & II.
Message: Posted by: GraemeCraig (Apr 22, 2005 04:05PM)
On Volume 1 there's an effect similar to that called Lorayne's Buck, so you must be thinking of number 1. If you don't want to pick up Volume 2 there's always kool little math tricks or the ever popular elephants in denmark effect. If you want any more info on Volume 2 just ask :)
Message: Posted by: Paul D (Apr 24, 2005 10:03PM)
Hey King another grat effect is By Greg Wilson its called 411 you can find it in The Art of astonishment set Paul Harris Vol.3 special friends.
Message: Posted by: Yehuda (Apr 15, 2007 08:32PM)
Bob Koehler magic has a DVD with two effects: Prime cut and Phone. Phone is very easy over the phone card effect.
Aldo Colombini has a trick using practically the same method in his Impromptu Card magic series.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Apr 15, 2007 11:56PM)
I think Slim answered his own question in the past 2 years ;)

Message: Posted by: johnnymystic (Apr 17, 2007 12:23PM)
Heard Slims was the best!
Message: Posted by: ku7uk3 (Apr 18, 2007 02:06PM)
Below is a trick I invented which I believe is the best phone trick ever. If you like it, let me know. Its also published in my book 'Body Tricks', which can be purchased of my website or from Lybrary.com.

Stephen Ablett


The Perfect Telephone Trick

Okay, I devised this trick several months ago and quite frankly it is the best trick in the entire book. No-nonsense mind-reading. No pen or paper needed. No psychological forces that sometimes don’t work; Clean, precise and idiot proof.

I perform the effect all the time, when my hands are busy balloon modelling, or when I need a quick trick to do.
The only time it has ever not worked, was when I performed it for my sister who simply didn’t listen to what I was saying (she had seen a thousand tricks before, and knew I was doing a mind-reading stunt). But other than that one occasionally; it has always worked. I’ve done it to magicians, lay people, and yes, people over the telephone!!!
Its practically perfect. USE IT!!!

You call out a list of ten or more objects, and ask the spectator to think of one of them.
You then look deep into their mind and grab the image of that object and amazingly you are able to tell them exactly what they are thinking off.

List these ten items to the listener:

1. Coin
2. Hat
3. Wand
4. Coat
5. Book
6. Key
7. Spoon
8. Cup
9. Cuddly Rabbit
10. and Dice

Now ask them to picture one of those objects in their mind. Tell them to focus on it clearly. See it in their mind’s eye…
You are now going to try and look into their mind and see what they are thinking off.

Tell them you sense some fur in this object. Ask if you are right?

If they say ‘Yes’, continue and announce that they are thinking of the Rabbit.

If they say ‘No’, continue by saying your sure its fury you can see it… dangling from a car like a furry dice. They are thinking of the Dice!

There are several parts that make this illusion work. The first is control, you never tell the audience what you are about to do, and only once they have heard the list of ten objects do you tell them to think of one.
Because there were ten items, and you bombarded them with all ten items one-after another, there brain will be slightly confused over what you just said. Memory can only recall so much, and most brains only have two slots of memory, which means they will only remember the last two objects in the list.

Because you asked them to think of one of the object after you had said the items, you know that they will have chosen one of the last two objects, because that is all they can remember.

Now the next step comes from trying to make one object more subject-able to being chosen than the other.
If the spectator was to choose the last object, the effect would still work, but not be as strong as if they had chose an object in the middle of the list. Therefore we are going to make one object stand out more than the rest.

The ninth object is the perfect choice, since it falls into the two-slot memory pattern. I choose the word ‘Cuddly Rabbit’ for several reasons.
1. It has four pro-nouns (Maybe even five depending on how you say it). This takes longer to say and therefore separates it from the other objects in the list. It also means more time has passed since the other objects were said, and pushes them further out from recollection.

Because this is also the ONLY living object, it stands out as being slightly different, and to top it all off, we add the word Cuddly to it, as that is an associated emotion word that makes it appeal to more people. Together, they make that object a more subject-able choice.

The last object (Dice) will still be chosen 30% of the time, due to people having awful memories, or simply not listening properly to the list. Therefore we have to ask one question before we can make our prediction.

The first eight objects are all short, single pro-noun’d words, which are dull ordinary objects. This makes them less interesting and therefore unlikely choices to be chosen.

At this point, you tell the spectator to think of one of those items. You want to buy time now, and make them forget where in that list it actually was. You tell them to visualize the item, place it on a pedestal in their mind and rotate it.
Remind them that they could have chosen any of the ten items mentioned, and that they had a completely free choice.

The longer you can delay the revelation, the better the effect. Since they can’t recall the items position, or the alternative selections that were available.

When ready to reveal the item, you are going to start by saying ‘I sense some fur in the object…’

If you look at the spectator, you will see in their reaction if they are thinking of the rabbit. They automatically assume you are talking about the rabbit and often smile with this statement.
If they don’t smile, then there is a good chance they are thinking of the dice. But personally I like to be sure and ask them to say if you are along the right lines.

If they say yes, then continue and reveal the rabbit.
If they say no, they you continue by saying ‘I definitely see fur on this object. Its dangling form a car, like a furry dice. DICE – Your thinking of the dice!

The question about fur can relate to both items but is specific to rabbit until YOU make the link. Because you have stuck with the fur line of questioning, you have turned their negative ‘No’, into a positive ‘YES’, you made them think they were wrong and you were right all along!!!

Therefore, the listener thinks of an object, and you tell them what they are thinking!!!

I have a few of these lists made out, with different objects / animals at the end, all with a relationship for the last two objects.
Therefore when I’m asked to repeat the effect for different people, they will each choose a different word. Currently I’m using Grizzly Tiger and hat.

It can also be performed on the street, and I often do the trick while my hands are occupied doing balloon modelling. I’ll be doing this trick simultaneously.
Message: Posted by: troppobob (May 10, 2007 02:22AM)
G'day Stephen

Thanks for your generosity in sharing this effect. The psychology makes sense. I am going to try it on my wife when she gets home.

Bob Latta (aka Troppo Bob)
Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (May 10, 2007 04:31AM)
What if they pick something other than the Dice or Rabbit?
Message: Posted by: ku7uk3 (May 10, 2007 02:47PM)
Only once has someone chosen something else, and that was my sister who knew I was doing a mental trick, and simply choose the first thing I said because she stopped listening after that.
But every other time, they have chosen one of the last two objects.

If someone did choose another object, then I would ask what they were thinking off, and then say 'I knew you were thinking of that!'

Message: Posted by: Slim King (May 28, 2007 09:54PM)
I will see if this works for me. What do you do if they ask to hear the list again?
Thanks so much. What is the WOW factor you've noticed from the listener so far?
I like the body magic video too :)
Message: Posted by: antonio2030 (May 29, 2007 08:44AM)
Ku7uk3 thnx for the trick, seems great, the only but that I have is... do you think still works in spanish? I'm from mexico so, I don´t really know if its gonna work, specially for the pronunciation thing of the "cuddly rabbit" stuff, other than that great effect, very logical yet not obvious, well done!
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jun 24, 2007 08:48AM)
Here is my "New" one (Been working on it for years) :)
It was performed for many Café members in the developemental stages. :)
Message: Posted by: MarkHerrick (Jul 7, 2007 04:32AM)
Thanks for a fantastic and very detailed explanation of this.

I would be really interested to hear how people got on trying this out.

Is your wife home yet ?

Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Sep 30, 2007 12:15PM)
Wow, that is great! Thank you for sharing!! I'll be sure to check out your other writings, too...
Message: Posted by: Papasmurf (Sep 30, 2007 01:51PM)
Thank you Mr. Ablett,

I will definitely have to try this and see if I can score close to 100%.
Message: Posted by: ku7uk3 (Oct 11, 2007 04:53PM)
Glad you all enjoy the trick.

One of the things I realized is that when you list the ten items, you have to do it in one smooth sentence. If you pause in-between words to try and remember what the next word is, it can break the effect to a point that they might remember the next word you say after the break.
So when you do the trick, have the list written down so you can just read it out, until you have memorized it perfectly.

Stephen Ablett
Message: Posted by: scaevola (Oct 14, 2007 06:57PM)
I bet you could make it work in Spanish. Just use a multi-syllable animal word for the second to last item.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Eamon (Oct 18, 2007 10:44AM)
I like the simple effect "Phone".
Message: Posted by: Koolmagic114 (Oct 20, 2007 08:34PM)
If you have either of Jim Steinmeyer's books, [i]Impuzzibilities[/i] or [i]Further Impuzzibilities[/i], both have some great effects you can do over the phone.
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Oct 21, 2007 12:08PM)
On 2007-10-18 11:44, Dr. Eamon wrote:
I like the simple effect "Phone".
Is that in the DVD "Prime Cut"?
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Nov 5, 2007 01:36AM)
THANKS, got to try this! At what speed should I go when reading the list, I mean just in case, I do not want then to ask me to repeat it.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Nov 5, 2007 04:16AM)
I tried it 3 times so far. Twice they said KEY and once the rabbit. I asked why the key and guy said that is the word he heard the most clearly. GOing to change the word KEY to TOP. I followed the instructions to the letter but wondering how to open with it. DO you just start reading the list, ask them to listen while you read off objects or what?
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Nov 5, 2007 04:51AM)
Like Slim asked above about repeating the list, I had one person ask me to repeat it, then got the word KEY.
Message: Posted by: muse (Nov 24, 2007 01:31PM)
In my opinion, the best book for phone tricks, both ones which require another person being keyed critical information in a coded manner BUT ALSO ones that you can just do yourself with the person on the other end of the phone is Lewis Jones' "Person to Person: A Book of Telephone Telepathy".
Message: Posted by: cheekychap (Nov 24, 2007 01:40PM)
I think theres lots out there that are really good ;)
I like Bob Koehler two effects: Prime cut and Phone ;)
Message: Posted by: Max Krause (Nov 24, 2007 02:04PM)
I would highly recommend Impromtu Influence U by Lee Earle and Larry Becker. I use this as a great tool to do an impromtu phone effect using my cell phone and working with several objects found at almost every restaurant or home you will ever be in.

This one effect has been a fantastic addition to my repetoire. I hate to tell everyone, but it's such a gem and I would feel bad if I didn't share it. Done properly it kills everytime and it is completely self contained and you don't need someone sitting by the phone.

Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Nov 24, 2007 02:40PM)
On 2007-11-24 14:40, cheekychap wrote:
I think theres lots out there that are really good ;)
I like Bob Koehler two effects: Prime cut and Phone ;)
Phone is a really great over the phone mind-reading impromptu card magic. But the person on the other line needs to know a certain shuffle for this to work!
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 24, 2016 11:42PM)
Almost 12 years in the hunt!!!!!!!! :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
Message: Posted by: BeThePlunk (Dec 25, 2016 08:30PM)
Tequila Hustler works over the phone. I've also done it by text.
Message: Posted by: LeafyMagic (Jan 10, 2017 01:25PM)
Wikitest by Mark Kerstein, I believe can be done over the phone and it is a fantastic trick. The only downside is it's a bit expensive. Completely worth it, though.
Message: Posted by: magicianbrady (Mar 17, 2019 06:38PM)
My go to phone effects are -

Telefoto by Greg Rostami
Social Prediction by Debjit Magic
Sunrise by Patrick Redford
Message: Posted by: Greg Rostami (Mar 20, 2019 09:20PM)
There are many effects that you can do over the phone using Inject 2.0

If you search for "inject magic" on YouTube, you'll find many effects where you don't have to touch your spectator's phone.

Message: Posted by: Gerald Deutsch (Mar 20, 2019 09:25PM)
Can a magician get paid for doing tricks over the phone???
Message: Posted by: GlennLawrence (Mar 21, 2019 01:59PM)
[quote]On Mar 20, 2019, Gerald Deutsch wrote:
Can a magician get paid for doing tricks over the phone??? [/quote]

I don't see why not. If you can call a hotline and pay a "psychic" to give you a reading, anything is possible!
Another good source for over-the-phone magic is the book "Party Magic from the Magic Castle" edited by Leo Behnke. Has a whole section devoted to this stuff.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Mar 21, 2019 08:54PM)
[quote]On Mar 21, 2019, GlennLawrence wrote:
[quote]On Mar 20, 2019, Gerald Deutsch wrote:
Can a magician get paid for doing tricks over the phone??? [/quote]

I don't see why not. If you can call a hotline and pay a "psychic" to give you a reading, anything is possible!
Another good source for over-the-phone magic is the book "Party Magic from the Magic Castle" edited by Leo Behnke. Has a whole section devoted to this stuff. [/quote]
I can't seem to find a copy of this...
Message: Posted by: GlennLawrence (Apr 2, 2019 12:37PM)
Slim, it may well be out of print. Got my copy about 30 yrs ago. Incidentally, Leo Behnke was the Castle's "Magician in Residence" for a time, back in the day.
Message: Posted by: shooz (Apr 12, 2019 04:25AM)
There are a few in the book " Mind, Myth and Magic" by T. A. Waters..