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Topic: The TT Bill Switch
Message: Posted by: The Magician (Apr 26, 2005 12:43PM)
Hi all, I have been looking at an effect I want to learn and it is called the tt bill switch and what I was wondering is can this effect be done using any currency. Thanks
Message: Posted by: PhatDad (Apr 26, 2005 01:07PM)
Not sure if you mean a particular marketed trick but there shouldn't be an issue doing a bill switch in any currency once you've got used to using a TT. If you've already practiced and used to a TT then you should be able to figure out a method to do the switch yourself unless the marketed effect has some special manouver your interested in learning or some special flourish etc.
Message: Posted by: The Magician (Apr 26, 2005 01:32PM)
The effect is in The Magic Of Michael Ammar
Message: Posted by: DanielTyler (Apr 26, 2005 01:49PM)
You may mean the $100 Bill Switch, which is taught in a bunch of videos and books.
Message: Posted by: Jason Fleming (Apr 26, 2005 03:08PM)
This effect can be done using any paper currency.

Message: Posted by: The Magician (Apr 26, 2005 04:00PM)
Thanks for all your replies
Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Apr 26, 2005 04:30PM)
So much you can do with a TT. Be as natural as possible with it. Practice by wearing while you drive, eat, swim, shower, etc ... this will help you become natural with it. Amazing prop, I still use it to this day with many applications.
Message: Posted by: amakar (Jul 14, 2005 11:27PM)
Take a look at Ron Bauer's Bar Bill Stunt. It teaches you a TT Bill switch without the TT.
Message: Posted by: Lukas (Jul 18, 2005 09:01AM)
It is on Bill Malones on the Losse vol-2 he calls it counterfit money

Message: Posted by: milamber (Jul 19, 2005 11:31AM)
Infinity Switch By Sean Fields
Message: Posted by: rmoraleta (Jul 19, 2005 11:45AM)
Try Money Morph
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Jul 19, 2005 04:02PM)
I also like Richard Sanders' Visi-Bill.
Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (Jul 20, 2005 10:28PM)
The standard TT Bill Change ("change" is a better term than "switch")is best used with bills that are similar in color--for example, a one dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill. Then the exact moment when the change takes place flies right by. Other than that, it can be done with any currency or paper billet--even coupons or newspaper clippings. I have even changed a Thai $100 to a Chinese $100 because the bills are similar in color.