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Topic: Floating zombie ball
Message: Posted by: Atown88 (May 1, 2005 02:30PM)
Hey guys I just bought this but it hasnt been shipped yet.......do you guys like it? And is it worth the $17 that I spent?

Message: Posted by: craz4azanz (May 1, 2005 02:59PM)
I like this effect a lot and I would say it is well worth the money, this trick is awesome for any stage performance.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (May 1, 2005 04:29PM)
Zombie can be a wonderful effect. Lots of available performances out there to give you some ideas on developing ur own. Many unique finishes for it as well. Yes generally it is worth $17. Various types of gimicks are available, some better than others.
Message: Posted by: threadz (May 1, 2005 04:48PM)
Yes it is a great effect but you need to realy practice it and get it down.I prefer the vernet mini zombie just for the compact size and check it out it can be done fairly close up and at a moments notice. pull it from your jacket pocket and begin.Good luck with it and have fun.
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (May 1, 2005 05:22PM)
You are really going to need some help with that. A good performance takes more than practice. You need some instruction. First you need to decide if you want your routine to be comedic, sort of funny, where the ball is like a poltergeist, naughty and hard to control. In that kind of routine the ball will be under the magician's control floating and performing, then suddenly it vanishes. While the magician is trying to figure out where it went it peeks up over his shoulder. Other times it might slide up from between the magician's legs and embarress him, or it might hit him in the head. For these I would suggest finding Pat Paige or Tim Wright's routines.

Other people do it more seriously, like a great mystery. McBride is great for that. His Zombie will sink down to the knees then circle his body as it comes up. Or Al Schneider's. Al will show you more theory in his DVD on the subject.

Personally I like a combination of Schneider and McBride. McBride makes his vanish at the end and I really like that.
Message: Posted by: Raijin (May 6, 2005 11:58AM)
I have to agree with Rik. There are many, many different things to do with a zombie, and it all takes a LOT of pratice. If you are patient and have a good routine to work with, then the practice will most definitely pay off with an excellent, excellent routine.

Speaking of routines, I would like to try and find a comedy routine with the zombie. Does anyone have any more specific information on where to find instructions on a good comedy routine, with decent patter?

Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (May 9, 2005 08:45AM)
Raijin, Tim Wright has a wonderfully comedic routine. I have the VHS tape of it but I think it's available in DVD. It's worth the investment.
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (May 10, 2005 03:42PM)
On 2005-05-01 15:30, Atown88 wrote:
Hey guys I just bought this but it hasnt been shipped yet.......do you guys like it? And is it worth the $17 that I spent?



Best money you will spend!!

Providing as mentioned you spend a few months Practicing this great stage effect!-Dont perform too close to the audience

Keep your routine short 1-2 mins Max! Amaze your audience then finish!!-Use Music & have fun with the ball-Use expressions & mime to interact

This routine is done poorly by many & well by a few!

The time & effort in rehearsal will give you a fabulous stage effect!

don't rush learning this in 2-3 days & think you can perform this as you wont & you'll blow it!!

Find some good music & know each move like the back of your hand!

Tim Wright & Jeff Mc Brides video/dvd are exceptional on Zombie for the beginner/Professional

Ive been performing Zombie for 25 yrs-same routine! goes for 1 min 45 secs only & still use it in most shows including Clubs & stage theatres-still goes over really well

Good Luck-keep us posted
Message: Posted by: amakar (Jul 14, 2005 11:25PM)
I'm not a big fan of the Zombie Ball. There isn't a plot around a floating ball on a gimmick (whoops) covered by a cloth.

For example, if the ball could really float, why does it have to sit on a cloth?

I'd be interested to hear your presentation and what makes it entertaining for the audiences.
Message: Posted by: Chintamani (Jul 15, 2005 12:11PM)
Zombie can be a beautiful effect if you put in the practice, if done badly ( as it often is) then the method becomes fairly obvious. I'd agree that getting a video instruction on how to perform Zombie would be well worth the additional expense.