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Topic: Lee Earls Manifestations. usefulness?
Message: Posted by: Hypnotic Winter (May 2, 2005 06:59AM)
Has anybody used Lee Earls Manifestations and if so how useful was it?

Also, how does it compare to Docc Hilfords 1000 Seance?

Message: Posted by: drwilson (May 2, 2005 12:17PM)
[i]Manifestations[/i] is the full details, including stuff that was discarded as unworkable, for a fixed-location seance room that was gaffed to the nines but which looked really clean. There is an incredible wealth of detail here. This plays like a Victorian seance with a lot of stuff happening. This is a really fantastic resource.

Docc Hilford's $1000 Secret Seance is designed to be carried in the performer's pockets or a small box and be moved from one location to another with no advance preparation of the room. He has some good suggestions on marketing. Seach this forum and you will find mixed reviews of Docc Hilford's book. I personally liked it, but it has an entirely different intent from [i]Manifestations[/i]. The seance in this book does not approach what happened in Manifestations; it is more like a psychic party with a weird (or in Docc's case, "Weerd") atmosphere.


Message: Posted by: Hypnotic Winter (May 2, 2005 01:47PM)
Thank you so much Paul, your post has been very helpful and is appreciated.

Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Sep 17, 2006 11:05PM)
I am about to purchase the current version of Manifestations/CD's and book...can anyone assure me that it will include Mr. Earle's "The Musing Box" story and or presentation?

Thanks so much in advance...
Message: Posted by: Gordon (Sep 18, 2006 08:40AM)
Manifestations is a four-walled theatrical seance for entertainment purposes, described in great detail using nicely-produced audio and a carefully edited companion book.

Docc's is a poorly-produced booklet that sketches out ideas for how to upsell people that you meet into booking you for private reading parties at their homes. Some of what it describes is said to be illegal in certain states.
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Sep 18, 2006 08:56AM)
I'm not really looking to run a Seance...just looking for details on the museing box. So anyone...is it in this book/audio collection???
Message: Posted by: Avrakdavra (Sep 18, 2006 09:02AM)
I seem to recall that the workings of the Box are indeed described in [i]Manifestations[/i].
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Sep 18, 2006 06:15PM)
Yes, it is in Manifestations.Its a great piece of thinking by Lee. Keep in mind thou, you must be a good story teller to pull it off. Its 99% presentation. I,ve changed it a little, I use a womens jewlery music box that is obviously damaged. As I tell the story of my first love and a car accident. I open the box and it plays a beautiful tune as I'm telling the story. I close the box and hand it to the spectator, who opens it. Instead of finding it empty, there is a musical movement in it smashed to pieces, the roll is off the axil and most of the little bars are snapped off so it cannot possibly work. It usually takes them a few seconds to respond, but then it comes "how did this just play" I just look at them puzzled, and tell them "it doesn't" and it goes from there! I always tell them that I didn't hear a thing, its broken.
Anyway, its an option for the story that makes it easier for me to pull off. Hope this helps, if you find your own story its usually more comfortable to tell, which makes the presentation easier to pull off.