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Topic: Not dealing well with Uncle Jay's illness
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (May 3, 2005 11:21AM)
Ever since I found out about Jay in the hospital
I've been feeling awful sad.

Its been hard enough with Geroge leaving to MN
3 years ago then passing last August.

Frances passing away 3 years ago.

Just one after another magicians dying like flies.

Our inner circle of magic is getting smaller.

Many of these people are like family.

Back in the old days, Magic Inc would have parties.
The annual Christmas Party of course. But there was
other ones, and my mom and dad would throw back there.

Their engagement party, Lunar New Year Party, even the
baby inspection party for me.

I look at these photos, remembering these people, and
seeing all the old posters in the back, all the roundtable
photos and etc etc.

Then I remember all my memories of everything that was around me.

Its just not the same anylonger.

Marshall was telling us the other day, when he was talking to
John Moering (MAGIC) about Jay and contacting all his friends.
Getting the list together was easy, But not many of them
are still alive.
Message: Posted by: David Todd (May 3, 2005 03:02PM)
I can only barely imagine how you feel, since many of these folks are your immediate family or close friends.

I only know most of them (like Jay Marshall) from afar, as part of Magicdom's "extended family" and I too feel sad to see that era coming to a close (as the folks who made that era pass on) . I wish I had something to say to cheer you up , but I don't . It's a melancholy feeling . I think the best thing we who are still here can do is to make sure that they are not forgotten , by telling their stories and keeping the photographs, books , movies or videotape of their performances in circulation . We can honor their memory by always striving to make our own performances of magic reach as high a standard as possible.

You know a lot of those stories. Write them down. Gather the memories & the photos and publish them on a web site or in an e-book someday (or a good ol' fashioned real book if possible )

That said, I am still hoping and praying that Jay bounces back from his illness. I'm sure we all do.
Message: Posted by: Vincent (May 3, 2005 07:00PM)
For Frances:

I'm very sorry that Jay Marshall is not doing well at this present time.

My prayers go out to him and his family.

I've read some where that you intend to do a documentary on the history of Chicago Magic.

You could bestow no greater honor on the members of your extended family both living and passed.

While I know that all of this is difficult to take, you have something so wonderful to give back.

You have all of the great memories both past and present.

And the memories yet to be.

You will be fine.

Your part of the act continues for all of them.

God Bless You.

Message: Posted by: Mona Morrison (May 10, 2005 10:15PM)
Sadly I must report that Jay passed away this evening around 8:30 pm CST
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (May 10, 2005 10:19PM)
Oh my.
I just talked to Chris
the other day he said
he was doing better.