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Topic: Vent work
Message: Posted by: Chubby Harris (May 6, 2005 04:32PM)
I would dearly love to put a vent puppet into my kids shows,even my adult shows come tothat,but do not know where to start.
Have spoken to some guys over here in the UK,and they all said that they could just do it,Huh,how?,this is a area I would love to get into,so any advice,I would be most gratful,recently cashed in some shares I had,and I have got my eye on purchasing one of the Axtell puppets,but would rather do vent,than use one of the interacting C.D.s
Message: Posted by: olivertwist (May 6, 2005 07:54PM)
Starting with an Axtell puppet and AxTrax is a great idea. The vinyl Vern is only $49. That's what got me started.

Message: Posted by: ChrisJ (May 7, 2005 08:49AM)
I have never seen the4 Vinyl Vern is he large enough for an adult hand? the Vern puppet is full of character and I am sure brings a laugh as soon as he can be seen. I have never tried Axtrax and I guess my thought is..try to write a short routine and leave out the words which are toughest and replace them as best you can with easier to say words. If you go through the alphabet and try to keep your lips still you will find that most letters can be said without movement. :) Vent the rest is practice rinse and repeat :)

Message: Posted by: olivertwist (May 7, 2005 08:28PM)
The vinyl Vern is made from the same mold as the latex version so it's the same size. The paint is not as detailed and it has fake fur instead of feathers but you can get the same reaction from it as you can with the higher priced version. I have both and still use the vinyl one when performing in hospitals where latex is prohibited due to possible alergies.
Message: Posted by: axtell (May 21, 2005 01:37PM)
Vinyl Vern is a great place to start. We also have free Vent lessons at http://www.axtell.com/learn.html


Message: Posted by: Chubby Harris (May 21, 2005 01:57PM)
Many thanks Steve...recently found some shares,that I had long forgotten about,and they add up to quite a nice amount,awaiting my cheque as we speak,but my very first Axtell puppet will be brought out of the money.
I am a good friend of a customer of yours John Kimmons,and he often gives me some friendly advice about doing Vent...
P.S. Will get my puppet via "Magicbox" here in the UK,but would really like the
"Old storyteller" which they don't stock,either that or thinking og going for
"Vern" plus the arm illusion, and the Possum,both with the Axtell CDs,until I pick up the art of vent...