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Topic: First time
Message: Posted by: skullmaster (May 8, 2005 07:55AM)
Hi all, I've been asked to do a couple of tricks at my local magic club. It's my first time of being asked. All I know so far, (that I am confident with) are self-working card tricks (like M.Ammar type tricks). Do you think these will be okay to perform in front of my piers?
Message: Posted by: Jaz (May 8, 2005 08:04AM)
Sure. Show your peers what you know and let them critique you.
We all start somewhere.
Message: Posted by: magiciangirl902 (May 8, 2005 09:55AM)
I second Jaz. Good luck with your first time!

Message: Posted by: skullmaster (May 8, 2005 09:56AM)
Thanks for that guys, much appreciated
Message: Posted by: unilogo (May 8, 2005 09:59AM)
Yeah and magicians ALWAYS love seeing other magicians perform.As jaz stated there is probably going to be some critique.

Only do the self working card trick and nothing else if you don't feel confident enough, auctually tell them the facts. We are all magicians we will understand why you would do a single effect.

It will be great to perform if you can make it an unbelieveable performance with your presentation. SO I highly suggest you go to "words we use " section of the Café and write your current patter and I am sure people can tell you how to make it unforgettable.

Eugene burger a while back showed some magicians the brainwave deck and they were all blown away because eugene is a true master of the craft.

Remember the performance ALWAYS makes the effect more than a simple "trick".

Good luck.
Message: Posted by: calexa (May 8, 2005 10:50AM)
Don't worry. They all started somewhere. I think they can imagine what you can and what you can't. Just make sure that your presentation is ok....