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Topic: Bizarre Show Ideas
Message: Posted by: kasper777 (Oct 11, 2002 11:23AM)
I am putting together a parlor/stage bizarre show and am looking for ideas. The bizarre magic I currently perform is for close up. Can the same effects (i.e. haunted key, matchbox, pulse stopping, etc..) be used for parlor. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Ted Lesley (Oct 13, 2002 02:54AM)
Hallo Kasper,
Each and every effect you mentioned, can be used for parlor as well. It all depends on your showmanship and presentation. Not the trick is important, itīs YOU!!

Any questions? feel free to ask!

Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Oct 13, 2002 06:17AM)
Ted's got it right; in bizarre, more than most types of magic, the "you" factor is critical.
Most bizarre routines are written as a jumping-off point for others; they best fit the person who wrote them and they are presented as a basis for ideas.
For some such routines, you might want to check out:
Peter Marucci's Bizarre Bazaar on the e-zine Visions
and Lectures, at Karl Bartoni's Dragonskull site:

(that new bat "smiley" is sure getting a workout!)