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Topic: Origami magic
Message: Posted by: Jonathanmc (May 29, 2005 12:49AM)
Would like your list of illusions or single effect that uses an origami object.

The only criteria is that it be an actual trick not just a give away and that an origami object be integral to the trick.

Pm me or post here I will compile and post the final results.

Thanks all.
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (May 29, 2005 02:43AM)
Kunie Fujiwara is specialized in Origami Magic.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: Shaner316 (May 29, 2005 04:35AM)
I use an oragami bird (the flapping wing kind) that I make out of a piece of flash paper.

I bring out the pre-folded bird from my pocket and extened its wings back out and do a few little flaps of the wings. I then place it in my dove pan and set it on fire, cover and produce a live dove!
Message: Posted by: Jaz (May 29, 2005 10:05AM)
Michael Close has a few origami effects in his Workers 1,2 & 3 series.
One is a napkin-bunny, another is a playing card-frog, a paper-bird and a dollar bill-Christmas tree.

The napkin-rose is mentioned somewhere here at the Café'.
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (May 29, 2005 10:29AM)
I have Michael Close's Signature dvd and in it I learned how to make a frog from a card for the Frog Prince effect. Very cool! Kids just love it.
Message: Posted by: dutchmagicboi (May 30, 2005 12:35PM)
Torn and restored origami
Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (Jun 2, 2005 03:43PM)
You could also look into the [url=http://www.mjmmagic.com/pages-advanced_search_result/index.html?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=%22origami+zoo%22]Money Menagerie DVD's by Sterling Dare.[/url]
Message: Posted by: okito25 (Jun 2, 2005 04:50PM)
Robert Neal , folding money foolery, Frog tales , and tricks for the imagination have a wonderful resources for origami magic , Frog tales is awsome
Message: Posted by: calexa (Jun 4, 2005 07:34AM)
I would also recommend Michael Closes´ "Workers" books. Or simply buy his ebook. The price is excellent for what you can.

Message: Posted by: Sgroge (Jun 6, 2005 09:08AM)
Michael Close's The Imagination Tester is the best use of origami in magic I have ever seen/done. A blet and buckle figure folded from a single paper becomes two separate figures. Great!. It is in Workers Vol 3 p 18 or on the Workers e-book (a fantastic deal: all five volumes plus updates in a searchable PDF format). Learn this and you will astound your audiences time and again.

Sorry. I pulled the wrong Volume. THe Imagination Tester is in Vol 4.
Message: Posted by: atucci (Jun 6, 2005 09:05PM)
Also Neale's 'The Magic Mirror' has an effect...........
Message: Posted by: felixjr (Jun 9, 2005 11:05AM)
Learn Starcle by Dan Harlan. Its Origami like, but with a torn and restore effect with a surprise ending. TIP: Present it as magic, not a puzzle.

Message: Posted by: Kentrell (Jun 10, 2005 07:39PM)
I second "The Imagination Tester". It's the best origami effect that I have seen.

Message: Posted by: threeofclubs (Jun 11, 2005 08:38PM)
The Imagination Tester is indeed the best
Message: Posted by: Laughing Otter (Jun 13, 2005 10:17PM)
Technically, isn't the old "Budda Papers" effect a simple form of origami?
It's one of those effects that makes magicians yawn and/or roll their eyes, but that lay audiences truly enjoy when it is presented well.
Message: Posted by: georgel (Jun 14, 2005 10:21AM)
There is a nice origami trick on http://www.professorwonder.com/magic7.htm
You have a square picture of a magic hat and you then fold it into a rabbit from a hat. Try it not bad for something different.
Message: Posted by: clamon86 (Jun 14, 2005 05:22PM)
Michael Close has the Ooo Aahh Bird, and the Frog Prince.
Message: Posted by: Jonathanmc (Jun 15, 2005 01:28PM)
Laughing Otter,

don't know the buddha papers. Can you clue me in?

Message: Posted by: David Deanie (Nov 3, 2005 10:26AM)
There are so many great things to do with paper and paper napkins:

Paper balls over the head
vanishing napkins-do as I do
card stab through napkin
card through napkin
Triple restoration (Ramsay)

more origami related, use models to replace spectator for selecting cards (eliminate cards that the audience stop the model on) Instant origami models- a quick switch with a prefolded model can look quite impressive- not expected at all!

If you extend the list to newspaper magic then we would be here all day long- Gene Anderson Newspaper magic....

So much potential- packs extremely small, plays as big as you like! If you hadn't already guessed I am indeed a fan of origami!

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Nov 4, 2005 09:32PM)
On 2005-05-29 11:05, Jaz wrote:
Michael Close has a few origami effects in his Workers 1,2 & 3 series.
One is a napkin-bunny, another is a playing card-frog, a paper-bird and a dollar bill-Christmas tree.

The napkin-rose is mentioned somewhere here at the Café'.

Frog Prince is one of the best effects you can learn.
Message: Posted by: RWhit (Nov 9, 2005 10:52AM)
Bang Gone-- I think that was the name of a silk vanish that supreme sold at one time.
It was a folded piece of paper that you could get to snap as the silk vanished ...it was put inside.
Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Nov 23, 2005 10:43AM)
Mike Close developed the Unreality Machine which is very good, but does not reset easily. He called it a worker in progress. His routine requires a Pea Can and a small amount of water. I have tried to rework it so you don't need the water.

Money Menagerie the DVD used my models, traditional folds, and some from the illustrator of my book, David Petty. His Beating Heart is really good. Michael Mode has the Origami Rose and for sheer simplicity and effect, it is hard to beat. I am working on an origami production box you can assemble right in front of your audience.

The Imagination Tester and the Frog Prince by Close are awesome. I did a library show and the teens left shaking their heads.

Of course Gene Anderson's outstanding T & R Newspaper uses origami principles as does J C Wagner's T & R Card. It is a killer effect as well.
Message: Posted by: toomuchmagic (Dec 23, 2005 08:22PM)
Frog prince is probably one of the greatest magic tricks ever. It has everything from amazing magic to amazing story to amazing comedy to amazing giveaway. The only thing it doesn't have is commas.
Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Jan 15, 2006 09:41AM)
Here's another vote for the Michael Close routine's. Frog Prince, The Ooh-Ah Bird, Unreality Machine (I finally had a reason to dust off my pea can) and Imagination Tester are all superb. The Workers ebook is great, but to see Michael perform them on the DVDs is well worth the additional investment (since you'll be saving money on the ebook :)). Here's a plug, as well, for Lefty's Money Menagerie DVDs, both of which log a lot of time in my DVD player (Thanks Mr. Dare!!).
Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Jan 20, 2006 07:18AM)
Thanks for your kind words Magiguy. It was a series of very fortunate events that brought about the DVD. In 1993 I sent two of my models to Mr. David Petty of the British Origami Society. He liked them and offered to illustrate (for no charge!) a book of my models plus four of his own. I sent a sample manuscript of my work to H & R Magic. Richard and Charlie graciously accepted the manuscript and published the book. Dennis Loomis contacted me out of the blue and I flew to CA and we produced the DVD (check out his website: http://www.loomismagic.com for the latest in magic and origami). I'm grateful to all who helped me and most of all to Christ who gave me new life. My problem is learning to obey Him!
Message: Posted by: Dennis Loomis (Jan 23, 2006 01:52AM)
Thanks, Sterling for your kind words. Your Origami talent was, of course, the most important element in producing the Money Menagerie DVDs. I was thrilled that you agreed to work with Loomis Magic. And, let's not forget Joe Oliverio and his Video Shooting and editing talents. He worked so hard to make everything crystal clear to the viewers. When he and I were not pleased with a couple of little things, you were good enough to hop on a plane and fly back to California again to redo them. You're a Prince.

I also want to second the comments about Mike Close's Frog Prince Routine. Quite possibly the best thing he's done, and that saying a lot give all of the great magic he's created. If you do close up for family audiences you just have to learn this.

Dennis Loomis
Message: Posted by: Jess Cone (Mar 4, 2006 10:24AM)
I'm a bit late to this post, but origami has been a life-long interest of mine and it's applications to magic. Many years ago at one of the early Magic in the Rockies Conventions in Estes Park,Co. I saw Martin Lewis perform a great magic piece using an origami water bomb fold and a spectators marked quarter. I found it published in his wonderful book, Martin's Miracles under the title of Magigami, pg.145. I've been using it for years and plays much larger to an audience than it's small size. Also, the magic happens in their hands and is very memorable to an audience. Check it out. Jess Cone
Message: Posted by: Shawn Truitt (Aug 25, 2017 06:20AM)
I'd be interested in interacting with magicians that are also involved with paper-folding. Just a tidbit of history, my Mom (Patricia Troy Truitt) was a founding member of The Origami Center of America now known as OrigamiUSA. Growing up I was attending and teaching at the origami conventions in NY and the UK while also going to magic conventions such as Tannen's, Magic Symposiums and Magician Alliance of Easter States. I'd be open to discussion about magic, origami and relationships between them. Please contact me about topic of discussion and see where this open forum develops. Lates, Shawn Truitt
Message: Posted by: drolleric (Sep 3, 2017 08:11AM)
There a french DVD called ORIMAGI


2 hours of origami magic

great tricks indeed
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Nov 3, 2018 12:57PM)
Does anyone know who Jonathanmc is? He said he would post the results of his survey about magic effects that use origami? His Café profile is no longer active.

----- Amado "Sonny" Narvaez