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Topic: What moves/routines/activities should be on Cellini Video/DVD
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 14, 2002 01:14PM)
Kozmo asked this questions deep in another topic, but I felt it deserved its' own Topic.

For Jim Cellini Fans, if you could pick the material for his next Video, what would you like to see?

Don't worry about what is/may be on any other of his videosDVDs - just pick what you most want to see (or see more of).

I personally would like a complete street performance by The Master.

Anybody else want to see something from Him?

Who knows, if we come up with some really good ideas, Kozmo may be able to get some of it going, in one of the upcoming productions.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Oct 14, 2002 01:45PM)
I think the live interaction with the crowd regardless of the effects is what I'm interested in.
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 14, 2002 01:57PM)
I'm glad you noticed that statement bro david...i asked that for this reason....the problem with doing cellinis act in full is that trying to catch the perfect performance...the one where its magic..that the interaction is there...that all the thingss we talked about in the first video is there.....the interaction on the streets is what makes him the best....i worked in north carolina with jim earlier this year...and he did one set that was unbeleivable.....it was great because of the things that happened during the set...things going wrong...people walking through...all the environmental things that can happen during a street set...and how he handled it...it was amazing...masterful...thats the set I would want to be on the video...

its likely that there will be a complete set with explanations on the next video...so let me ask this....

what do you feel other than cellinis amgic that was missed on the video....i have some ideas but would like to hear what you think would be good to see....we are going to shoot and finish the video in january...we have tons shot already and a ton more to do...

my goal is to take it to the next step....talk about things that you may have not noticed when you are performing...things that will help you be mopre successful in building a crowd and in kepping a crowd....so the pay off at the end is better than whats happening to you now..

i think we will be going to new orleans to shoot more in january....so if you guys want to see him work live....might be the only chance you will ever get.....he lectures but seeing him on the streets is....welll....if you catch that special set....AMAZING!!!
i would love to hear your ideas ....please!

Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Oct 14, 2002 02:51PM)
I, for one, would love to see Cellini performing his two ring Linking Ring routine ("Lord of the Rings").

I recently saw it at his recent lecture stop here in Seattle, and my faith in the magic of this classic was restored!

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 14, 2002 02:56PM)
the 3 ring routine is available right now....e-mail me and I will send you one

$30 plus $4 for shipping

Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Oct 14, 2002 03:04PM)
I know... I picked up the lecture notes on the Ring routine, and regret not picking up the video too...

This is one of those times when you really need both the book and video to fully appreciate what is happening. The book is good, but you don't believe that the moves will be deceptive until you see them in action. Plus, watching Cellini effortlessly perform this masterpiece will give you the subtle nuances that 'sells' this effect.

Oh well... I'll send you payment on Friday...

This routine is so beautiful in Cellini's hands, that I simply must have a copy to watch now and again...

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 14, 2002 03:11PM)
I agree.....its the best ring routine ever!!!
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 14, 2002 09:59PM)
I have the two ring video (thanks again Koz!)and will say that I never had done a ring routine, even through I have owned a set of rings for years...

But now that I have seen Cellini and his two ring routine, I have a set of moves and a model for a routine that I can't wait to finsis building and to start performing.

Just looking at the rings in Cellini's hands has already blown away my biggest concern and misunderstanding about rings. (If you see the video, you probably will say the same thing. I would never have believed that, if I hadnt seen him do it!")

Poetry in Motion, with just two rings! Simplify, simplify. The really great ones simply simplify!

Message: Posted by: MagiUlysses (Oct 15, 2002 02:48PM)
Greetings and Salutations One & All

I have to concur with BroDavid, put Cellini's entire street routine on the video/DVD, seeing his presentations and the ways he moves from routine to routine would be incredibly valuable.

But as long as your asking for a wish list:
- Vanishing of a Silk (with color change)
- Wand of Merlin
- Wand Spin
- Cups & Balls
- Sponge Ball Routine
- Cut & Restored Rope
- The Devil's Handkerchief (coins).

OK, so it's all in the book! I'm a visual learner, and besides, I could watch Cellini's work for hours, I might as well be watching my favorite effects!

Thanks for asking.

Joe in KC

Choose an extraordinary life,
live a great adventure!
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 15, 2002 05:09PM)
I think most of that will be on the video/dvd....but I think that the devils hank routine will be a stand a lone video...like his ring routine....by the way, I love that devils hank routine

Message: Posted by: Payne (Oct 15, 2002 05:40PM)
So much of what needs to be on the tape can't be put on it because it can't be learned any other way then to go out there and just do it.
You can only talk so much about valuable street skills such as drawing them in, crowd management and raking in the tip, the finer points have to be learned by doing.
I would like to see a detailed showing of Cellini's Giberce, the interior pockets and the psychology behind its unique construction
I am hoping the next DVD is like the first and featuring different performers as illustrations to the topics discussed and also centering around performance techniques and philosopy rather than trick instructions
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 15, 2002 06:17PM)
i agree....the video will be similar in appearance to the last....jim narating...and you will see a bunch of performeres...some great, some good, and some learning...and we will critque those perfomances....but, I doubt that we will get away with not having cellini performing on this video....we are not going to explainn every trick....but we will explain the differances in things....his philosophy on...for example....louds for the cups and balls...you will see several styles...jim working out of the pockets while others work out of pouches....theres plenty to talk about.....

i would love to hear everything any one thinks should be on this video...anything...any ideas....

i promise you all that we will work very hard to make this video as valuable as the last....

Message: Posted by: Payne (Oct 15, 2002 06:51PM)
I am glad to see that your not changing horses mid stream. The first DVD was excellent and is a valuable resource, especially for those thinking about diving into this particular field. I think everyone should work the street at lerast once in their lives as it takes you back to magic's roots.
I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of the Reverand Chumleigh (a gifted street monologist and Vaudville artist) for several years and learned invaluable lessons from him. He more than anyone else helped shape my current performing style.
Watching others perform and seeing what works and what doesn't and why is a good tack to take with the next DVD.