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Topic: Oswalds: Harry Anderson: New Orleans OPENS 6/1
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Jun 1, 2005 12:59PM)
Harry's club, according to my dear fellow magi-bro steve t, is supposively opening tonite June 1, Wed. The phone number for Oswald's is: 504-218-5953. Tickets are for Wednesday through Sunday.

Hope you can see it because I won't be able to. Please tell me how it is!

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jun 1, 2005 01:32PM)
Sounds great! Hope it really does. I have a picture of Harry on the cover of a local magazine promoting the venue several months ago. I'd love to see one of the shows.
Message: Posted by: MattTheKnife (Jun 1, 2005 09:20PM)
Is there a website up and running for Oswald's yet?

-Matt (TK)
Message: Posted by: atucci (Jun 3, 2005 08:23PM)
Any information on the name, Oswald's? Is it linked to the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald spent time in New Orleans? Just wondering.......
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Jun 5, 2005 11:30AM)

No website yet--I have info on mine:


Harry told me he named Oswald's after Lee Harvey--


Message: Posted by: atucci (Jun 5, 2005 08:11PM)
Ellen - thanks for the update. Is Harry's plan to have guest performers as well? And is the entertainment more parlor/stage or will there be close-up / bartending magic as well? BTW, your site looks good!