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Topic: Komedy Kidshow Klinic
Message: Posted by: Tim David (Oct 14, 2002 11:15PM)
A couple days ago I went to my first Klinic (put on by David Ginn, Sammy Smith, and Steve Taylor) and I'm still reeling.

It was great motivation as well as full of tons of great bits of business and gags.

(What's the difference between a magician and a large pizza?)

I would highly recommend catching one of their last appearances. If you happen to be in Florida or Maryland that is.

(A large pizza can feed a family of four.)

They've got it down to a science after 140-some odd Klinics. It is jam-packed with great kidshow tips on a variety of subjects. (I especially enjoyed Steve Taylor's insights into theme-show magic.)

Just wanted to say thank you to David (the father of modern children's magic), Sammy (whose dry humor absolutely KILLS me), and Steve (and of course Steve's hysterical pal Rudy).

Actually, I wanted to share a positive experience...if I wanted to thank them, I'm sure a simple card and gift would've done the trick. :bg:

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Oct 15, 2002 05:14AM)
You're absoultely right on here! They are a powerhouse team and a must see for any magician doing kid shows, especially beginners. Their videos are also good if you can't get to a show.

I own most of what all three magicians market, especially Steve Taylor's theme stuff, and all his videos.
Message: Posted by: DanTheMagicMan (Oct 23, 2002 02:04PM)
I posted this in the "So Happy Together" forum but perhaps it bears repeating in this thread:

The Creative Kidshow Conference featuring David Ginn, Sammy Smith and Steve Taylor will be making its last appearance Saturday November 16th in Stafford, Virginia and Sunday November 17 near Frederick, Maryland.

I received information on the conference in the mail and created a PDF file from it for others to view. It's about 1.3 MB. You can view it at http://www.davince.com/kidshow.pdf