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Topic: Any Lambretta/Vespa owners out there?
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jun 5, 2005 02:55PM)
Originally of 1950's Italian birth ... the Lambretta scooter now belongs to the world.

There are many scooter clubs throughout the globe...any Café members got a bike?

This turned into a cult-thing in the UK in my youth.
It was the "mod" scene - "modernists". It was good to be young. It was good to own a Lambretta. The bike and the clothes ... especially the Parka M51 was the thing.

I owned, and now own, a Lambretta GP200, manufactured in 1979, she looks a beauty.
If you want to swap small talk...tell me about your club, your bike...offer, or ask advice, then come on in!

regards - wulfie
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Jun 5, 2005 03:55PM)

Did you go to a Scooter meeting near Hillsborough last year?

Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jun 6, 2005 12:41PM)
No Howard...
Were you there?

Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Jun 6, 2005 01:03PM)
I wasn't, but my son's band Kurb was there performing.