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Topic: Looking for help in performances/writing!
Message: Posted by: theAmazinbryan (Jun 8, 2005 10:11PM)
How to book or dvd that can help me develope a character an a better persona while performing .i know I want to amplifiy myself in a sense when performing but I think I may find help acting an or screen writing /comedy writing an was looking for suggestions from the forum
I was thinking of maybe developing an comedy act with another magician (when I find one!!)but I have put some idea's on paper an was looking on how to string them to logical manner.
Anything you guys have run across that has help you ?
Message: Posted by: rumburak (Jun 9, 2005 02:30AM)
As a book I would recommend "Magic and Showmanship" from Henning Nelms. It is available via Amazon.

You can also find books on stand-up comedy, but I cannot make a specific recommendation there.

To develop your own perfomance personality I think the best is to try out different styles and then pick what fits you best and gets the best audience reaction. You cannot define a personality without performing, so the first few presentations might not be as successful as you would like them to be. However, if you don't give up you will eventually improve and have success with your own style.
Message: Posted by: Mustang (Jun 9, 2005 06:35AM)
In terms of showmanship books, you'll do no harm to yourself in reading Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz or Absolute Magic by Derren Brown.
Message: Posted by: theAmazinbryan (Jun 11, 2005 07:25PM)
Thanks guys I will look for those !!! Anyone else?
Out of the selections you mentioned anything stand out as an Ah ha moment in them?
thanks /danka
Message: Posted by: unilogo (Jun 11, 2005 08:07PM)
The book that was life changing in developing my "persona" whatever it is. Hehe....

Is eugene burgers "art of close up magic". IT is not really a specific book on the topic but that's where I learned about who I wanted to be in magic. Enven if you don't like close up it will teach you about magicians what to do and not to do as you develope in the art. That will help you get a lot of sense on how you can have your very own persona.

other than that time will shape you as a magician.

Study magicians you enjoy , but never try to be them and eventually you will get to where you want to be.
Message: Posted by: clamon86 (Jun 14, 2005 05:31PM)
Get Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber. The best book for performing magic, in modern days.
Message: Posted by: jonesc2ii (Jun 15, 2005 02:25PM)
Experience is the key. When you start off you're bound to be uncomfortable adding your own personality to a performance partly because you're concentrating on getting your tricks right and partly because you might not be confident that your audience will enjoy it!

As you perform more and more for audiences your confidence will grow and you will naturally add more of your own personality. I now do silly voices in my act which is something I've always done in the rest of my life but for a long time I wasn't confident enough in my act to do it for a paying audience.
Message: Posted by: themagicofjoseph (Jun 18, 2005 02:05PM)
If you are a funny type person by nature, develope you charactor around this. Use your personality as a stepping stone. Meaning, your already comfortable being yourself, use this to your atvantage and learn how to "control" the crowd and present the effect or effects. This is less stressful than trying to develope a totally diferent charactor. After awhile you will learn what works and what needs improving.
Message: Posted by: theAmazinbryan (Jun 21, 2005 06:05PM)
Thanks Joseph thanks for your input I will be looking in to those books.
Anybody here do stand up?anybody here want to add thier ah-ah moments from thier examples?
Mustang anything in strong magic stick out for you as a great Nugget of truth .
Thanks guys
Message: Posted by: David Fletcher (Jun 23, 2005 04:47PM)
Take acting classes. Also check out Bob Fitch's workshops. Check his web site fitchmagic.com. One of the best investments you could ever make. Tell him David Fletcher sent you.