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Topic: A post before going for bank-robbing
Message: Posted by: mouliu (Jun 12, 2005 09:04AM)
After searching here for days, I finally make up a buying list. Your advices are keenly needed. I hope this list is helpful for other newbies after reading Mark Wilson's Introduction or the like.

1)Spongeball: only after performing in an elementary school, I found the effect of those small red balls is extremely magical. But my current rountine is very limited. So I want to work out some more rountines.

No jacket required by Carl Andrews
Page Patrick's Spongeball

2)powerful visual effect using everyday's objects: I'm building up my "tricks list" for table-hopping. I like the idea of mental bending, find its effect very powerful and visual (if playing it right). In fact I also like floating very much. But magicians here seem don't like the idea of performing it in table-hopping.

Psychokinetic Silverware Banachek
Archangel Tricks The Enchantment
Napkin Rose by Michael Mode
Thumb Tips by Patrick Page
Haunted Key and the Booklet (not DVD)

3) Kid shows: I'm working at a rountine for kids. Need some materials for that.

Super Tricks/Funny Business by Patrick Page

4)Showmanship: I read "Amateur Magician's Handbook". And want to explore more on this aspect.

Magic & Showmanship by Dove Nelms

My criteria for buying is: good value for money unless it's really classic. That's why I include PK Silverware. I'm very tempted to buy Osterlind's and Banachek's classic (I do enjoy the beauty of mentalism). But buying either of them would blow my budget. I found that Patrick Page's products are recommened here and there (and the price is very reasonable), so I'm also very tempted to buy the rest of the set.

Too many good stuff, too little money. So if you suggest any DVD or book which would fit my need, please kindly tell me which one on the list I should drop. Otherwise, I've to rob another bank. :)

btw, since here in Taiwan I don't have much chance to see other magician performs, I prefer DVD to see how a trick is performed.
Message: Posted by: themagicofjoseph (Jun 12, 2005 10:20AM)
Hi Bud!!!!
Great to hear from you again. This is some of the material that I use, remember, this is things that fit my personality and style, find what fits yours and addapt as needed. I found these work well, get great reactions, non-confrontational and most reset instantally.

Carl Andrews "Table Hopping Cups and Balls" : This is a excellent DVD and with the spongeball loads, flows nicely and the "Patter" is very good, it's different because you only use 2 cups and for folks who have seen 3 cup routines, this is abit different, thus setting you apart from the normal.

"Ring Leader" DVD..very visual ring and rope routine. I don't use spectators rings as I try to avoid accidentally breaking something. I go to the local craft store and by small 25 cent rings....these work great because being cheap, they have a visible seam where the ends meet and is great fun..kids think this is where the magic happens.

"Pinnacle" DVD: A rubber band and ring link and penetration, again very nice visuals. I use this with CMH and other band effects as you can flow nicely from a band to ring and rope routine.

SpongeBalls: (I use 1 1/2" balls) I have about 3 different routines with one routine ending with all 3 changing to a 2 1/2" ball at end.

"Jems a Hoppin'" : I was never much for "Hot rod" type effects until I found this one. It's a very elligant looking effect, pleaseing to the eye.

"Fiber Optics" DVD : This starts with Professor's Nightmare and takes it to the next level. You can create different routines with this an again, very visual.

"Thumb Tip" : There is a wealth of things that can be done here, retore sugar packet, silk thru silk, etc...can be used for many nice effects.

"Haunted Key" : Closest thing to real magic..even fools you some time

"Liquid Metal and The Closer along with Banacheks PSI #4 DVD" Nice presentation and patter in PSI #4"

And my new favorite. "Psycokinetic Time" by Banechek

Since your starting stage type, I've learned a lot from Jeff McBrides "Command Routine" video tape. I love doing linking rings in my stage shows and have a smaller set for closeup

Hope this helps and that's for the emails over the past month, keep in touch and let me know how it goes.
Message: Posted by: mouliu (Jun 12, 2005 10:57PM)
Thanks Joseph, you're always so helpful. They'll keep me busy for months.