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Topic: Jack Miller's shop in Syracuse, NY
Message: Posted by: Ed Hutchison (Jun 12, 2005 07:05PM)
Just curious if any of Jack's old customers read this forum.
Message: Posted by: peppermeat2000 (Jun 13, 2005 08:11PM)
I stumbled on a shop years ago while just out of High School(83)...was it off N.Salina Street? If I remember correctly,Ray Cerio was working behind the counter. I believe I purchased a close-up mat...starting to get memories of Syracuse now...didnt Ray have a shop out of his home? And speaking of Jack...is he still with us? I had heard that he had passed away a year or two ago...Im a west coast magician now but have great memories of my "growing up days" in upstate New York(Ithaca)...some great magicians in that neck of the woods..I hope to be in touch with Ron Zollweg this summer as I will be back East for a few weks..he has an annual get together for magicians at his home every summer that's a blast!
Message: Posted by: Ed Hutchison (Jun 17, 2005 04:45PM)
Hello, peppermeat...

You are probably recalling Ray Cerio's magic shop on the north side of Syracuse.

He is now located in Chittenango--where I visited him just last month.

Jack, alas, is no longer with us. He had a shop in his home in the Valley section of Syracuse and then, about 1980, moved to Seneca Falls, NY.

Perhaps, you visited a shop I had in my home in Fayettevile. It was open from 1974 to 1983.

Ed Hutchison
Madison, MS
Message: Posted by: Randy (Jun 24, 2005 01:27PM)

Was your shop in the basement with an outside entrance where the door was made up to look like a brick wall? I was there one time when I was in Syracuse for the day. I found the address of the shop somewhere (probably the yellow pages) and went out searching for it not realising it was a private home. When we got there no one was home so I never did see the inside of the shop. Just the "brick" door.
Message: Posted by: Ed Hutchison (Jun 24, 2005 04:05PM)
I'm sorry I missed you!!!

Sure sounds like our home in Fayetteville, except that the door to the basement shop was only a door. It was a raised ranch and the door to the basement was at the ground/driveway level.

You probably spent that money that was meant for me in Norm Sehm's basement.
Message: Posted by: smores7777777 (Aug 6, 2012 11:30AM)
Do you guys know of any shops in Syracuse? is Ray's still open