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Topic: Good Fire Sources (not petrol please)
Message: Posted by: seandixie (Jun 17, 2005 02:57PM)
Hi all, I receintly purchased Sankeys 'In a Flash' I performed at a party and it just blew all away (not literally - not that much flash paper!)

Anyway, as I left home fifteen years ago I would like to play around with some more fire based CARD effects. Any good suggestions?

Shhh...don't tell mum, she hates fire.
Message: Posted by: Sam Tabar (Jun 17, 2005 09:47PM)
Try checking out these tricks, "Torch and Restored" by Brent Braun and "Phoenix Rising" by James Watkins. These are both torn and restored routines that uses fire. By the way James Watkins is a member of this Café. You might want to PM him regarding his effect.
Message: Posted by: seandixie (Jun 20, 2005 05:13AM)
Thanks Brian, I was looking at torched and restored at penguin, but the handling seemed a little tricky. Do you know, is it quite angly?
Message: Posted by: Sam Tabar (Jun 20, 2005 11:33AM)
I don't have the torch and restored but if you search around the Café maybe you'd find someone who has performed it for an audience.