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Topic: Raven and micro5
Message: Posted by: jack_is_dead (Jun 23, 2005 01:07AM)
After so long I finally want to buy a trick..well I have been thinking about the raven and the micro 5..is this a good buy?any advice
Message: Posted by: rumburak (Jun 23, 2005 06:47AM)
I would recommend you to concentrate on the effect and audience reaction you want to achieve first. What do you want to do and why?

After you have come up with ideas what to present you should look into methods to achieve this result. It may be a combination of different methods and/or gimmicks or a single thing.

So what is it that you want to achieve? If you have decided on this issue people could make specific recommendations of whether to buy a raven/bat/m5 or whatever. Besides, if you already have a crisp idea of the precise effect in mind you may get away with buying the "secret" of these devices directly from a non-magician source.
Message: Posted by: denzildon (Jun 23, 2005 02:14PM)
I think there was a thread about micro 5 a month ago. You may want to look for it. Rumburak is correct, get the one that has a great effect for you. I got a raven and bat. I'm pretty happy with them.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Jun 23, 2005 08:02PM)
M5 is stronger than the raven. Having said that, that doesn't really mean anything unless you know what effects you want to do.
Message: Posted by: jack_is_dead (Jun 24, 2005 12:04AM)
Thanks for the advice..well of course I'm looking for vanishing effects like the raven but I heard it has limitations..like you cant borrow a coin..its difficult to set up or takes a long time..well if both micro 5 and raven are almost the same method I might as well buy the stronger micro 5 and perform vanishing with that..besides I can also venture to pk wich I havent tried..well..this things kind of confused me of getting wich.someone please also give me an info about where I can find a demo vid for micro 5.i cant find it in penguin..thanks again!
Message: Posted by: denzildon (Jun 24, 2005 01:28AM)
For the Raven it is indeed a little difficult to set-up. The set-up times can be shorten by placing it in a better position.(Tip is a safety pin to stop it). I searched for the other thread regarding this...it is said the strength of the magnets is raven-bat-micro. The bat for me is already pretty strong. You can use it on a thick table and it still works.
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Jul 3, 2005 07:59PM)
I have or did own both. The micro 5 is great for table work. On your wrist it is a dead give away. For in the hands the raven is better.
Message: Posted by: Professorxavier (Jul 4, 2005 09:10PM)
Have any of you M5 users found that your M5's power has diminished, or lost some of its strength? Im not sure if its just that I havent used it for a while and it actually has lost some power, or if I just remember it being stronger.

Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Jul 6, 2005 08:54PM)
It could lose some of its properties if dropped.

The M5 is best purchased outside of a kit. Why pay $80? I spent 30 for the neodymium-boron magnet, same size.
Message: Posted by: pkg (Aug 7, 2005 05:09PM)
Did you go through ur books well enough and practied ur sleights well enough before deciding to just buy a gimmick?

I did the mistake of buying gimmicks before mastering my sleights... try to hold urself back from buying gimmicks (i know it's tempting!)

anyways, I own the M5. and I simply love it!
Message: Posted by: WhiteAngel (Aug 8, 2005 12:30PM)
The M5 can be used for so much more than the raven can. Many more effects, only limited to your imagination.
Message: Posted by: jack_is_dead (Aug 8, 2005 11:49PM)
Thanks for the advice..it has been months that I wanted to buy micro 5 or raven but I havent coz I'm still a little confused..but thanks for your help I am more clearer now! thanks..
Message: Posted by: DP the Great (Dec 20, 2005 03:11PM)
Ellusionist has a demo for the M5 which looks cool. I own the Bat, and let me tell you, its not very strong at all, but I do like the idea and the way you use it. I have yet to find it strong enough to work at a table in a restarant. The only table that works is on my folding card table that I use in my shows (at least it works when it counts). I so wished it would be stronger, and that leads me in the possibility of puchasing the M5. -DP