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Topic: Angelo Stagnaro Book Conspiracy-A big problem
Message: Posted by: magicman02 (Jun 23, 2005 05:41AM)
Does anyone here have Angelo Stagnaro book Conspiracy, it is a great book but I got it last week and I looked through it for the first time and I noticed it is missing a lot of pages. It is missing pages 33-64, which is chapters 3, 4 and 5. If anyone else has this book, did you find the same problem in your book? This has never happened to me that a book I order (magic or non magic) has a lot of pages missing from it. Does anyone know if Angelo comes on to the board or does anyone know his email address?

Also pages 65-95 are repeated twice in the book. This is unheard, Didn't he check or edit the book before he put it out.
Message: Posted by: Drs_Res (Jun 23, 2005 06:23AM)
Probably the printers mistake. Call or write back to the place you bought it from and ask them to replace it with s&h both ways at their cost.

Just my .02 cents.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jun 23, 2005 09:02PM)
This kind of thing happens quite often. It's not the author's fault most of the time. It is usually because for some reason one signature got replaced with another. The place to complain is not this forum, but to the dealer you bought it from OR the publisher.

I have a copy of the P&L book that has a section repeated. This is not Byron Walker's fault. It just happens. When a book is printed, usually the books are shipped from the print house in cartons of about 14 to 24 books. These books are individually shrink-wrapped. Some print houses leave out the shrink wrapping. Authors seldom even see more than a few copies of a book. So they have no control over the quality once the book is printed. All they can go by is the copies they see, themselves.

If all the copies are shrink wrapped, they are not going to unwrap them and check them out.
Message: Posted by: RLFrame (Jun 24, 2005 07:47AM)
My old Green book of Mentalism (Maven) had several pages duplicated. Back before Prism came out I though I might be able to sell these extra pages for a good price on e-bay!